Healers often get so caught up in DOING healing that they forget to BE healing.

Sometimes we (who have been called to healing) get so caught up in DOING healing for ourselves, or others, or the planet… that we forget… we ARE ALREADY Healing.

We forget that we are LIFE. Life = healing.

We forget that our very essence is healing, and that most of the time, when we are Aligned with our essential Wholeness… there is nothing further that needs Doing, in order to heal.  Our Being is healing.

That simple awareness of our essential Wholeness and our inevitable progression to Wholeness… creates more and more Wholeness.

Yet we also forget that creating is not the same as controlling. But now: we remember!

We ARE creative, we ARE DOING healing, even when we do nothing. We DO healing even more, when we simply let go into BEING healing – into the flow of Alignment with Wholeness.

BE healing… now.

“If you could heal others, if you could heal the world, if you could Align more and more with Wholeness, what would that be? How would that look? Be it, and do it… now, being healing and doing healing. This broadcasting out to others is doing healing, but also broadcast it back to yourself. Do healing for yourself.

Are you willing to do what it takes to be whole? Allow the answer to come in. Are you willing to do what it takes and be what it takes? If the answer is not quite a strong yes, then Align with yes… now.  Align with being willing to do what it takes. And Align with ease and freedom and peace around doing what it takes… now.”

– Excerpt from Heal Your Situation – Session 6 – CREATE YOUR STATE

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  1. bobbi on November 1, 2015 at 1:07 pm

    Interested in your free news letter. Love your info…cannot afford it right now. thank you.~ blessings

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