Your Body & Mind: Do they Support or Distort Each Other?

Body-Mind Integration can create deeply positive effects on pretty much everyone and everything. It’s a state of flow – when thoughts, emotions, senses, body structures and functions all work together, to support each other.

Ok, that’s obvious. It’s not like I’m telling you something you don’t already know. But if you’re like me – and like most folks – you can work on Integration until you’re blue in the wazoo, and you will still have some body-mind distortion lurking, somewhere beyond your awareness.

Real-Life Examples of Body-Mind Interactions

Why bother to integrate? Because every issue is a body-mind issue. Even if it seems purely physical, like “Ouch, I bumped my elbow on the door,” it has a mind component. Even if it seems purely mental, like solving a crossword puzzle or arguing about a business negotiation, it has a body component. Even if it’s beyond your immediate self, like your finances, or your annoying co-worker, or climate change – it can benefit from integrating body and mind.

Here are just a few examples of distortion between Body and Mind.

  • Mental loops, or anxiety about body symptoms can re-activate those symptoms, and block your normal self-healing programs.
  • Rigid thinking is often mirrored by muscle tension, lack of physical flexibility and body stiffness, in a chicken/egg feedback loop.
  • Digestive imbalance can trigger brain fog and mental muddle.
  • Liver toxicity can trigger rage or irritability.

On the other hand, feeling lively and energetic in your body supports good-feeling emotions… and vice versa. A healthy gut will support a lively, flexible mind and clear thinking. And so on, and so on.

These are fairly straightforward “causes and effects.” But what about the less obvious stuff? Like shallow breath entangled with shallow thoughts. Viruses that spur you to over-eat, like Adenovirus 36. Parasites like toxoplasmosis that are linked to promiscuous behavior and mental instability.

And then there’s the stuff that no-one would ever think to put together, because it’s unique to each person – like the furrow in my forehead I get when I’m frustrated with my lack of focus, which blocks my gallbladder meridian, which gives me a pain in the ankle!

Body-Mind Integration can give you vast transformation, in all areas of life. I heartily recommend it!

Integration is easy and automatic, IF…

… your body and mind are already clean and clear. But… they usually are not. They are often gunked up, their interrelationships overly tangled in knots in some areas, and too disconnected and distant in others.

Body and Mind are always entangled. That is neither good nor bad – it just is. The trick is to find that dynamic balance, where they flow well together.

But body and mind do not entangle in a simple, predictable way – or a logical, linear way. Instead, they loop, they feed-back, they yin-yang, they möbius-strip, they spiral, they mandala out into multiple dimensions… They are slippery little buggers.

Question: So, how can you know what to do, to create integration? Answer: You can’t, really, because both distortion and integration are mostly unconscious – we are not aware of it. Your local mind is unlikely to know the answer, and your local body is unlikely to sense it.

That’s where the “Align” and “Disentangle” Commands come in handy! (You will get some really deeeep Disentangling in our Guided Healing Teleseminars.) Only when you Align with your extended Mind and your expanded, enhanced Senses, can you effectively and efficiently Integrate where it’s most needed.

The Solution to the Age-Old “Mind-Body Problem”

So what to do? The solution is not to “pin-point” the “cause.” It is not about “Knowing” with the mind, or “Doing” or even “Sensing” with the body. (Those are wonderful and interesting, but they are secondary.) It’s much more direct…

In Now Healing, we go for the easy solution: We capitalize on the fact that Body and Mind want to be well-integrated, healed, Whole. So we just take the most direct approach, and open up our circuits to Wholeness.  This allows the connections to Align themselves – beyond our local knowing, perception, or control.

Are you ready for little taste of that Alignment, right now?

Tune in to the state of ideal Body-Mind Integration… that lovely flow of back-and-forth balance, where you are Centered and Whole, in the presence and absence of your “healing goal.”

That state exists, out there in the universe – and in there, within you.

So tune your receiver, scanning for it, and when you feel a “click” or a “that’s it,” you have found it.

If you are not sure “where” it is, or whether you’ve done it correctly, then tune into your Center, because that state of body-mind integration is  always accessible at the Center – and just say “Align with the state of body-mind integration… now.”

Great! Bask in that state, for a bit! Many things are now changing.

Ok, that was a quick start… We will go much, much deeper, in the  Guided Healing Calls...

We will work on YOUR specific body-mind issue, even if you are not sure what it is!

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