Coronavirus Pandemic and Panic – Free Healing

Watch the Video – Free Instant-Energy Healing for Coronavirus Pandemic and Panic – Free Healing – Immunity

In this video: free energy healing for immunity. Not just to physical pathogens, but also empathic response… and panic! Reset your biofield and Align with Healing.

Coronavirus Pandemic and Panic – Free Healing – Watch Now:

If you resonate with this way of healing, and want deeper healing for many more aspects of the Coronavirus situation, please…

Join the Global Healing Call – click for details.

Disclaimer: This is not a substitute for medical care, advice, treatment or diagnosis! This is complementary, to be used in addition to medical and public health practices and common sense. I make no claims of medical healing or cure. (This is not medical at all, this is energetic and morphic healing. Healing in this context means “Making Whole”.) Please follow your country’s disease control and public health guidelines, and consult a licensed healthcare provider / doctor.

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What did you notice as you watched?


The Alignments that I say in the video above may sound like affirmations, but they are not. They are instant-energy Activations, not affirmations. (With Alignment, there’s a whole lot more going on on and Activating on all levels – because we “click” them into the Center!)

Transcript of the Video
(To get the healing Alignments, you must watch the video!)

Welcome to the Now Healing Space. In this video we’re going to do a fast, free instant-healing for your immunity to the Pandemic Coronavirus situation, not just physical immunity but also empathic and panic immunity.

Also, I’ll be announcing a Global Healing Call where we’ll do deeper healing on this topic, beyond just “immunity” to pathogens, empathy and panic. Because there’s a lot more to heal than we can cover here.

– I’ll tell you how to get on that Global Healing Call at the end, but first let’s get ready to do the free healing together.

Brief Disclaimer: this is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, etc. This is not medical at all, this is energetic and morphic healing, to be used in addition to all the medical stuff and the advice from your country’s disease control and public health agencies. This does not replace any of that. And I make no claims of medical healing or cure.

Also, this not the kind of energy healing where the great and powerful master healer concentrates magic healing power at you while you just sit back and do nothing. That’s not how this works, I’m not doing healing to you. Healing already exists all around us as a field, and inside of us, and what i’m doing is simply showing you how to instantly connect directly to that larger field of healing.

In this video, I’m not going to explain how this all works, we’re just going to do it without needing to know how, because in this kind of instant-energy healing we’re working way beyond what we can know with our local minds. If your local mind is curious, there’s tons of free information on my website Now Healing dot com so check that out, but for now, just set your questions aside for later, and follow along with these simple steps to strengthen your energy field instantly even in the presence of pandemics and panics. I use this myself when I occasionally freak out, and tens of thousands of people have used Now Healing for a zillion different things.

Ok, here we go.

 Breathe into your Center and as you breathe from there, decide that you are Now Healing.

I’m going to say and do several healing Alignments, and you can activate them even more by bringing them into your Center, like clicking a virtual enter button inside of you at your vertical Center. Click it Now. You may feel a shift just from that alone, or you may not, it’s ok either way, the energy is shifting on many levels beyond what you might feel with your sensations. Regardless of what you feel or don’t feel, you are Centered… Now. Breathe that into your Center and click it in.

Next, Align yourself with the larger field of healing and Wholeness… now. Click that into your Center on the word “now.” Align yourself with the larger field of healing and Wholeness and life energy… Now.

Disentangle yourself from all weakening effects, entanglements and resonances with the entire coronavirus pandemic situation… now. Click that in. A lot is shifting. Your physical immune system, your biochemistry, and all its components are energetically resetting themselves… Now. Aligning with their Center… now.  Aligning with Healing and Wholeness in the presence of the coronavirus situation… Now. Which includes not just the physical virus itself, but also, of course, your emotions and thoughts and stress responses – they are Centered and balanced in the presence of the situation… Now.

Let’s balance your morphic immunity, so that you’re not overly resonating and empathically hyper-sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of individuals and collectives, nor are you over-protecting and denying and – you are balanced and Centered in your appropriate boundaries of your emotions, thoughts, mood, outlook, assumptions, beliefs etc… Align with being Centered now. Align your biofield with Wholeness… now. Your resonance with collective thoughtforms whether you agree with them or disagree with them, you are Aligned in their presence… now.  Your “immunity” and ability to find your Center in the presence of this situation – Align with that… now.

Come from your Center and decide again that you are Now Healing, you are allowing these shifts and changes to happen inside of you and to ripple out from you so you can be a force for healing… now. Breathe that in and out, and it is already happening… now.

How does that feel? You may notice that you feel more Centered about the pandemic situation, maybe more non-attached, less stressed, and remember there are many other shifts happening that you may not feel right away, like your biofield’s boundaries and broadcasts have reset into Alignment. So allow that… now. Yes!

If you resonate with this way of healing, and you sense that it’s a powerful addition to what you’re already doing to stay healthy, then…

I invite you to join me to go deeper in a Global Healing Call.

Because even though we did a lot just now, in this free healing, by energetically bolstering your “immunity” to pathogens, empathic and panic resonance… that’s just a tiny fraction of what else needs to Align. This can help a lot, but it’s not just about immunity.

On the physical level alone, it’s about detox and assimilation of nutrients, and all your systems working together congruently like your digestion and circulation and respiratory and nervous systems, not to mention your energy systems like acupuncture meridians and biofields and flows and energy centers and chakras, and of course, your relationships to other peoples’ bodies, minds, spirits and your resonance with groups and collective thoughtforms and your work and daily patterns and your bank account and the entire financial system, the geopolitical situation, and the collective mood all over the planet and the entire future, and if you’re hunkering down at home, clearing the energies of your home, and basically you want to be congruent with all of matter, mind, energy, resonance, time, and space, to name just a few.

So on this global healing call, we will do energetic Alignments on all those levels.

Because this pandemic situation is a perfect example – a perfect storm of an example of how everything is entangled and interconnected. So it’s not just about protecting yourself and your family, it’s much bigger than that, and I would love for you to be a part of this healing and Wholeness that is both individual for you and your loved ones, and for humanity and life on earth.

So please save your spot, this global healing call  is going to fill up – so enroll now, it’s pay what you want starting at $1, and I know i’m going to get a few complaints like “Elma, this should be free, why are you charging a whole dollar” – and I would just say to them, you’re welcome! for the free healing I just gave you in this video and if you can’t pay $1, please help yourself to the tons of free healings that are already up on my website – there’s about a hundred of them.

But for this healing call that’s specific to this coronavirus pandemic situation, I want people who are willing to commit at least a dollar to show that you’re serious, rather than folks who sign up just because it’s free and may be taking a spot away from folks that are actually committed.

So if you are committed and excited and you sense that this way of healing is a vitally important addition to what you can do to stay healthy and strong medically and public health-wise,  and you know there’s a lot more you can do on the energetic, etheric and morphic levels… please find the link somewhere nearby [Here!] and click on it for details for how enroll now and save your spot.

Thank you for trying out this free healing, and by the way…

Please share this free healing video with your friends and loved ones if you think they will resonate!

And I hope to connect with you on the Global Healing Call – click the link somewhere nearby for details – this is Elma, with love and Wholeness, signing off for now.

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  1. Oscar on March 21, 2020 at 11:02 am

    Great gratitude for this. I use this every day and it’s helping so much to keep me grounded.

  2. denise on March 17, 2020 at 8:48 pm

    Thank you, this was really good.

  3. Narelle on March 13, 2020 at 8:59 pm

    Thank you for this free healing. It is very much appreciated.

  4. Maria Eleonora Krebs on March 13, 2020 at 12:09 pm

    Thank you!

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