Heal Low Self-Esteem and Negative Self-Talk – with Ego Balancing

“I hate my bad posture.”   “I’m such an idiot!”   “No one could ever love me.”

As enlightened people, we know how toxic low self-esteem and negative self-talk are. Or do we? We know they affect your relationships, finances, career, creativity, spirituality.

But we overlook how deeply “low ego” can affect your physical body, down to your organs and cells! (More on that later. First, a bit of back-story.)

In the very recent past, verbal self-abuse was not only acceptable, it was expected! In my old-country family, belittling yourself was required social etiquette.

In fact, insulting yourself was the only way to get praise! (Because others must leap to your defense when you say something bad about yourself.) We’ve all played this game. And many still do, to this day:

“I’m so old, look at my horrible wrinkles.”
“No, you’re young and vivacious, you never change.”
“You’re just saying that to make me feel better.”
“No, no, no, no one is as lovely as you.” And so on.

In that old paradigm, if you managed to get someone to contradict your self-critical statement, then… you won!

You were not allowed to speak well of yourself. Because a big ego brings the evil eye. Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.

Even a relatively modest statement like “I handled that difficult situation rather well” or “I’m so happy I got an ‘A’ in the class” brought disapproval. But any negative statement, like “I should have gotten an ‘A+’” was perfectly acceptable.

There was no middle ground between low self-esteem and big ego. No notion of Centered, balanced relationship to self.

So you could never be just right! Not in your body, not in your home and possessions, not in your career…

And certainly not in your love relationships. A really sick form of this game happened in romance.

As a teen, I fell right into the toxic thought-form that the best way to catch a man was to belittle and berate yourself… so that he could gallantly defend you. Oh boy, I sure confused those 1970s California blond surfer dudes with my 19th-century Tolstoy-esque angst and melodrama.

Thank goodness I’ve changed! Thank goodness that even in the old country, this behavior is falling out of fashion.

But even sicker forms of self-hate still fester under the surface.

While it may no longer be the style to publicly insult yourself, the private self-talk is still loud and clear in the headphones of our psyches. We call it “low self-esteem” and assume that it only has psychological, personal, or social effects.

“Low Self-Esteem” Harms your Health and Body

Low, imbalanced ego has actual physical effects — in material reality! Negative self-talk, like these statements below, will amplify health problems.
“I have bad eating habits.”
“I get colds easily.”
“I am aging so fast.”
“I’m so much more hypersensitive than most people.” 

Your “low self-esteem” actually sabotages your health and wellness.

It has direct effects on your brain, nervous system, hormones, biofield… down to your cells.

And it’s not just your health, it’s your entire life. Many other “low ego” thought-forms can become self-fulfilling:
“I’m not capable of learning this new computer system.”
“I’m not the kind of person who makes friends easily.”
“I spend too much money.”

The bottom line:

Thinking badly of yourself actually creates distortion and disconnects in your health, wealth, relationships, behaviors, etc.

It forms a feedback loop between body, mind and emotions… and therefore amplifies the “force field” (or more precisely, morphic field) of the problem.

Why Heal Low Self-Esteem and Negative Self Talk?

Because Energetic Ego Balancing can help your

  • health issues…
  • bank account…
  • relationship with your kids…
  • self-improvement…
  • home improvement!
  • and your Whole Life.

How? By Centering and Zero-Balancing your “ego” (with fast and easy Now Healing commands).  As a result, as your ego Aligns with Wholeness, it no longer anchors your problems in place.

Energetic Ego Balancing creates Healing with a capital “H”.  It works wonders for me and my occasional resonance with ancestral inferiority and superiority complexes!

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