Healing Guidance from your Higher Self – 3 Step Process

Do this Easy Elegant Energetic 3-Step Process Below – for Instant Healing Guidance from your Higher Self

How can you get accurate, inspired, and instant Healing Guidance from your Higher Self? Try the fast 3-step process below. Be prepared for mind-blowing simplicity, as you learn how to connect to a “direct download” of healing information… that comes from your higher mind Aligned with the universal mind.

Healing Guidance from your Higher Self

This is not guided meditation. It’s instant activation.

You don’t need a long ritual to relax, breathe deeply, sense energy, visualize light, or open to receive.

(Sure, those old-school techniques are great, but this is different – it’s more like simply plugging in to answers directly!)

You don’t need to believe or trust that it will work. You don’t need spirit guides as intermediaries.

(Sure, trust is great, and spiritual guidance is amazing, if you have the proper preparation – but there’s another way that’s much more straightforward. No need for a “middleman”.)

So… instead, see below to quickly discover how to create direct connection between your local self and your higher self – with Aligned higher awareness that instantly connects you with the universal mind.

What does your Aligned Mind – or your Universal Higher Awareness – want you to know… right now?

Does it have a message for your body? Or your emotional patterns?

Or your sense of energized power & aliveness? Or your creations? Or your relationships?

Let’s get your answer now!

Healing Guidance from your Higher Self 3-step process

Do this 3-Step Process:

  1. Take this little container, in the form of an empty circle:
  2. Ask the universal “divine” mind to fill this O container with the inspired healing information you need right now – the essence of the message, the pattern of the flow. Take a few seconds to allow that it’s happening.
  3. Bring the O into your Center… NOW!

NOTE: Don’t try to force the information into words or meanings or symbols or feelings. Let it be whatever! Let it be the subtle, or let it be loud. Let it be nonsense syllables, or whispered words of wisdom – whatever – just let it be!

And bring it in. The essence of the message is now inside you. Allow this seed to unfold through time, space, spirit, energy, matter, mind… and multidimensional layers of meaning.

What did you Experience? Got Questions?
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Even better, let your experience, and your words of wisdom MAGNIFY the healing experience for all!

FAQ about Healing Guidance – People Also Ask:

How do you get Intuitive Downloads from Spirit?

The old-school way: 1) pray or ask your spirit guides for answers; 2) get quiet or meditate, as you open to receive; 3) trust the answers you get, and act on them. But all these ways have pitfalls! (You’ll learn why below.) The more efficient way… is to use the 3-step Instant Alignment Process above.

The 3-step process is the super-effective instant-morphic-healing way! That way, you don’t have to worry about the pitfalls, like: 1) what specifically to pray for, or what questions to ask, 2) whether your local mind is sufficiently still enough to process the information into words & meanings; or 3) whether you can truly trust the information you receive, and what to actually do with the information…

How can you Trust your Guidance from the Universe?

Don’t take it personally! In other words, don’t let your personality decide what to trust and what to distrust! Instead, let your highest self make the decisions – from a place of full knowingness and connection to your highest Aligned Mind. This is not about being wrong or right, worthy or unworthy, or having a negative or positive outlook.

It’s not about your personal opinions or feelings or logic. Because on the one hand, your hyper-positive can-do attitude with an over-blown ego might want to grab the wheel, and bulldoze your perceptions with bravado and self-aggrandizing power tripping distortion.

Or, on the other hand, your self-critical negatively-judging sniveling lacking-in-self-esteem parts might whine that you’re not evolved enough or aware enough or deserving enough to receive true guidance. Neither of those extremes will get you anywhere!

Instead, be Centered…

What are the Best Questions to Ask, for Spiritual Guidance?

When you want accurate guidance for self-healing, don’t start out by asking questions that are too specific. Because they will limit the answers you get. And make sure your questions are not skewed by unexamined assumptions or expectations. For example…

This might seem like a reasonable question: “What part of my spine needs healing so that my back pain goes away?” But this is a leading question with a big materialistic bias. It assumes that physical pain needs localized physical healing – which misses a huge percentage of what’s actually “causing” the pain. So…

A better question might be to zoom out from the strictly material level, and ask “What most needs Alignment with Wholeness, on any level from physical to energetic, so that my back pain is healed?” With this question, the entire entangled universe opens up to heal you!

Can you sense the enormous power in that question? (Pssst, I’ve just given you the secret central question that you need to ask, to do Now Healing effectively! Don’t tell anyone!)

That healing container O that you used in the 3-step process above is another way of asking the bigger, better question.

Learn More about Asking Better Questions

Another essential (but often missing) piece…

For accurate interpretation of intuitive hits:

Before you even start to ask any questions of your Higher Self… get Centered and Non-attached to the outcomes you want – and don’t want. Get non-attached to your expectations – both negative and positive!

Don’t just blindly trust – because trust only works if you are already Centered and Aligned with your highest self – and non-attached to your personality-self! If you’re not in balance when you ask & receive answers, then don’t trust the answers!

So how to do that? How to get Centered and Aligned and Non-attached?
Learn more about Non-attachment: How to Get Better Healing Results

In Conclusion…
How to Get Healing Guidance from Your Higher Self:

Do the 3-step process above, often!

Because it will:

  • Give you enormous new healings, every time you do it.
  • Inspire you with powerful higher information
  • Activate your enhanced awareness, evolve your inner guidance, and instantly connect you to outer guidance from the universal mind

In Summary:

If you want healing guidance from your higher self… simply give it a container into which to download. Then, input that container into your Center!

Thanks for amplifying the healing…

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  1. Helene bulger on November 2, 2022 at 7:53 am

    Unfortunately I don’t register an impact at the time. However Elma, I have been benefiting from your loving messages for over 10 years and have shared your gifts with many. Thank you thank you.

  2. Nalomeli on November 1, 2022 at 12:43 pm

    I LOVE THIS! Thank you. Good job!

  3. Bonnie on October 30, 2022 at 8:00 pm

    Wow. Felt it so powerfully. Response was the energy – no words and no visuals. So much better for me because otherwise my head will get involved. The answers are now at work inside of – at Center. Thank you. Blessings.

  4. dobby on October 30, 2022 at 2:38 pm

    Dear Elma,
    Thank you for your healings.
    More Blessings

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