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How to Align your Mind? It’s not just about Mind-Body-Spirit or Heart Coherence. It’s much bigger than that. Plus, learn what NOT to do, and which mistakes & myths to avoid (for example, clichés like “think positive” or “let go of limiting beliefs”).

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How to Align your Mind? What does that even mean?

In Now Healing, “Alignment” means full coherence & integration on ALL levels of existence. Not just a few areas, like mind, body, heart, gut, spirit. Sure, integration between those is necessary. But it’s not sufficient.

True Mind Alignment is much bigger. It must include coherence with ALL the fractal parts of life – not just a few areas. And… the WHOLE of Life! Which goes way beyond body-mind-spirit.

Here are just a few things, beyond “spirit,” that must be included in Alignment:

  • Bio-energy (which is not the same as “spirit” unless you have a very mushy definition of bio-energy!)
  • Space and the entire cosmos
  • Time, including the past, present, future, and other dimensions – including the paradox of forward flow of time, and the eternal now, because both exist.
  • The larger flow of LIFE itself, flowing through you, and into the future of your local existence… AND the future of ALL Life!

So, in order to Align your Mind, you need to Align with ALL of Life, and all that is!

Below, we will actually do a quickie process to get you started.

But first… let’s clarify what this is NOT. There are so many clichés and truisms on this topic. Don’t be misled!

Avoid these common myths, mistakes, and misdirections

When it comes to Aligning your Mind with instant-energy Alignment…

  • It’s not about changing your thoughts.
  • It’s not about being more positive, or disallowing negativity.
  • It’s not about letting go of limiting beliefs or subconscious self-sabotage.
  • It’s not about being more mindful, or meditating more.
  • It’s not about faith, trust, or hope. (Those are nice side-effects of Alignment, but they’re not a good starting place – and besides, this work is not a religion or a cult that requires belief!

You’ve probably tried doing all those things! And while they can be nice, they don’t work very effectively or efficiently!

At least they don’t work very well for me personally. Fair warning: if anyone tells me to “just believe” or “try to be more positive”… my higher self will roll its third eye – and my lower self will want to kick ’em in the first chakra, or even worse, practice some serious EFT (Emotional F*ckOff Tapping) upside their head!

So instead of platitudes about positive thinking…

Here’s what does work: Instant Energy Alignment…

Align your Mind: A Quick Start Process – Free Healing

Try this instant-energy-Alignment now. It will give you a good head start.

– Come from your Center as you say the Now Healing Commands below.
– Then Breathe the word “Now” into your Center, in and out.
This will activate the shift!

  • Align my mind with my brain and nervous system and body… Now.
  • Align my mind with my heart and gut… Now.
  • Align my mind with the universal mind… Now.
  • Align my mind with its highest expression… Now.
  • Allow these healing shifts… Now.

Ahhhh, feel that lovely expansion?
But wait! There’s more! That was just a tiny portal into what is possible.

There’s so much more you can do, to Align your Mind – on ALL Levels…

How to Go Deeper: Align your Mind – with LIFE on ALL Levels!

Get this powerful Guided Healing: Align your Mind & Emotions – with LIFE!

WHY? Because your Mind is a Matter of Life or Death! It co-creates your health, wealth, and your entire FUTURE! It focuses the flow of your life. (Not to mention the flow of ALL life on earth!) Make it congruent with LIFE.

WHAT? In this deep Guided Healing, we will Align:

Guided Healing: Mind
  • YOUR specific Healing Intention for your Mind or Emotions.
  • Your Mind being truly Aligned with you being ALIVE on all levels.
  • Your thoughts & feelings to be fully Aligned with the flow of Life.
  • Your Knowingness & Awareness in tune with Life – so you KNOW & appreciate Life in an embodied way.
  • Your choices and habits Aligned to support your highest expression of LIFE.


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  1. Sabine on December 21, 2023 at 6:56 am

    Very helpful and I added these sentences:

    align my thoughts with my higher mind…now
    align all of my thoughts with peaceful silence…now
    align my thoughts with christ concsiousness…now

    Thank you Elma

  2. Emilyj on November 10, 2023 at 11:00 pm

    That quick start process of healing was very penetrating and healing for surely sure!! I literally had to take a few moments to soak into those feelings!!!
    Truly profound!!! Thank You!!

  3. ROSI IDUÑATE on November 4, 2023 at 8:30 am


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