Beyond Body Mind Spirit - what else is there? Is there anything “beyond body mind spirit”?

A client asked me a verrrrry interesting question, after a Guided Healing Call (Emotional Entanglements Part 1: Body-Mind-Spirit). He said: “Why do you even need a Part 2? What could possibly be outside of or beyond Body Mind Spirit? Aren’t those three things pretty much the whole game? What else IS there?”

Well, as the first President Clinton said about his sex scandal… it depends on what your definition of “IS” is. And also…

It depends on your definition of “Spirit”

We can’t just assume that everything outside of “body or mind” must necessarily be “spirit” – as if all of reality were a multiple choice question with only three possibilities!

Just because the cool concept of “body-mind-spirit” was a huge improvement over the old mind-body dichotomy, doesn’t mean that nothing exists outside of it. Yes, it’s a more “holistic” world-view than mind-body duality, or scientific materialism. But “body-mind-spirit” is not total holism – even though pop-metaphysics and alternative-healing-lite often myopically assumes that it is.

“Body-mind-spirit” does not cover all of Wholeness – not by a long shot! That seemingly-all-encompassing trinity is in truth a tiny part of this infinite universe.

Since we are already dividing the universal Wholeness of reality into fractal parts, with this body-mind-spirit trinity – then as long as we have started to make distinctions, it’s quite useful to continue to make even more distinctions… and to observe reality through some additional portals!

So… What else is there, beyond “body mind spirit”?

Well, there’s space, which is none of the above. It’s not exactly matter, or mind, or energy, or spirit. It is a different animal altogether!

Then there’s time, which is also none of the above. (You can argue that time doesn’t exist, that it’s an illusion, and that space and matter are illusions too… yes, you can tell me all about it, as you’re packing your kids’ material lunches, and rushing to get to school on time, through a space called a traffic jam.)

What else is there? Well… beyond space and time, there are patterns, habits, behaviors, and reactions. Not just yours, not just your body’s or your mind’s, but also the universe’s patterns, habits, cycles, and morphic grooves.

Besides patterns and oscillations and cycles, there’s also the freedom of forward flow and evolutionary leaps… towards purpose, towards Wholeness.

And let’s not forget love, which is not strictly spirit. If you didn’t have a body and a mind too, you wouldn’t experience love in quite the same wonderful way!

I could go on and on, listing zillions of other fractals of Wholeness beyond body-mind-spirit… like relationships, money, work, creativity, productivity, and life itself.

Plus, the external realms of resonances beyond your local self… other people, other life-forms, ancestors, future generations, collective consciousness, the universal mind. And of course, there are the infinite numbers of unknown, and unknowable things. We are in morphic resonance with a vast number of things of which we cannot be locally aware.

We could just stuff all those things into our definition of “spirit” – but it’s so much simpler and more helpful to be fluid with our definitions of reality.

That’s why we don’t just work with “body-mind-spirit”

That’s so old-school! Instead, in Now Healing, we work with the infinite number of fractals of reality – where scale and size don’t matter. For example, learn more about so-called “Spiritual Healing for Pain” – and why it’s not just about “Spirit”!

We can shift everything that we know about… and even better, we can shift all the stuff that we DON’T know, and CANNOT know! Because it’s not about “pinpointing the root cause”. (Although that’s very nice and satisfying, it’s not a necessary pre-requisite for healing and transformation.)

Instead, it’s about Disentangling the entanglements, and Aligning all the fractal bits and parts with the Whole. Tuning our resonances, and dampening them too. Sounds complex, but it’s very simple.

So that’s what we’re doing in Part 2!

If you participated in Part 1, you know that we’ve already Disentangled the enormous emotional fields that can – and do – distort your body-mind-spirit. These emotional distortions can anchor themselves in your body as illness, aches, pains, aging, or discomfort… and in your mind as negative thinking, self-sabotage, self-fulfilling prophecies of failure and doom, self-doubt… and in your spirit as contracts, vows, karma and much more. Well, we cleared that! (And it’s a good idea to keep clearing it periodically, because we keep accumulating emotional gunk.)

In Part 2, we’ll continue… beyond body-mind-spirit! We will Disentangle your emotions that distort everything else.

For instance, here are a few more areas in your life that can really use some periodic Disentangling from old, gunky emotions:

  • Patterns (habits, behaviors, actions, and lack of action)
  • Personality (traits, self-image)
  • Purpose (life purpose, daily purpose)
  • Productivity (procrastination, creativity)
  • People (relationships)
  • Pocketbook!!! (money, income, work, abundance)

And those are just the “P’s.” So much more will shift!

When you Disentangle and then Reintegrate your emotions… in body-mind-spirit… and then beyond that, into the vast spaces of reality… EVERYTHING Aligns better.

Then, you can expand your local body and mind, your infinite spirit, and all the other things you resonate with… into Wholeness. And that’s what Healing is all about: Wholeness.

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Here are just a few of the comments from folks who experienced Part 1:

“At the beginning, I could feel the emotion so strongly that I was impatient to release what felt like a huge burden. Now, after the call, not only can I not feel the emotion, I feel a beautiful lightness of being. I am smiling and giggling as I write this. What a shift!

“As soon as you started speaking, I realized my fear of going into atrial fibrillation was pure hopelessness. Then I realized that every experience in this life had this undercurrent of hopelessness – with my family, at work, socially, spiritually, with my body.  I started seeing bright aura fields. The slingshot was so effective, and I am looking forward to my life changing.”
– Mary

“My intention for the session was to disentangle from “impatience” which has been an issue for me my entire life. it was amazing… by the end of the hour I could literally feel all of the impatience pouring out of the back of my outer thighs!!!  Never did I expect that!! What a welcome surprise… I feel like I have lost several inches in my thighs and the impatience is gone!!! I cannot find it anywhere.”
Judy M.

“I have a long history of emotional trauma. I have been trying to heal for years, but the more I concentrated on trying the “fix” myself, the bigger my issues became. I was trying to fix the mind with a broken mind. At last, I found Elma. Her work is so impactful, one can sense it working immediately, and the changes continue long after the teleseminars. The last teleseminar completely neutralized the fear, anxiety and apprehension. I could go on and on about Elma’s ability and insight, her genuine caring and devotion to healing. I know I was guided to find Elma .I am eternally grateful for discovering her and her work.”
– Susan

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  1. Elma Mayer on March 4, 2016 at 4:46 pm

    @Susan, sometimes what appears to be “the same blockage” that appears again the next day… is not the same! If you interpret it as the same, then you increase the resonance with it staying the same “blockage.” But if you observe it as new and different — if you ask yourself “Is there any useful information here?” Or is there anything new to Disentangle or Align?” or “Can I look at this in a new way, from the point of view of Infinite Self?”… then you can move forward.

    So rather than interpreting your experience as “energy blockages”, ask yourself how many additional interpretations there are. For instance, rather than a blockage, might it be a pattern or a waveform? If yes, what kind of transformation can you do to that waveform? Or maybe rather than a blockage, it’s a resonance. Or an emotional or mental reaction. The bottom line = observe it from Infinite Self. How would your Infinite Self deal with it?

  2. Susan Lindsay on March 4, 2016 at 4:06 pm

    Thank you, Elma
    I did as you said, and the answer was to” align spirit and matter with Wholeness”. I have felt “disconnected” for some time, so this alignment produced noticeable effects. I said “disentangle and reintegrate”, but then remembered the “sling shot arrow” alignment and the results were much more profound.
    Another question, I sense that I have significant energy blockages, but that are not there all the time. Once a blockage has been cleared, and I feel that energy is flowing, why does it reappear the next day?
    Thanks so much for your answers!

  3. Elma Mayer on March 2, 2016 at 7:05 pm

    @Susan, thanks for your kind words — gee, I’m blushing, spiritually! The easiest way I know to “tap in” is to go to Center (where Alignment with Infinite Self is easy), get quiet, neutral, be at zero, blank the slate. Then, with no intention other than Alignment, just wait for info to come in. Sometimes it takes a minute or two. Occasionally, more. Occasionally, not much happens… but that’s ok!

    I recently read somewhere that Leonardo da Vinci suggested staring at a blank wall and waiting to see what emerged. And John Cage said the purpose of music or art was to “quiet the mind thus making it susceptible to divine influences.” Yep, that all sounds about right!

  4. Susan Lindsay on March 2, 2016 at 11:26 am

    Elma, I am SO curious how and where your insights and perceptions came to you! It’s like you are a funnel that just downloads knowingness and you are light years ahead of anything that I have every come across – yet, I know, in my limited knowingness – that what you say is true.
    Is there anyway to “tap into” that same state of being that you so effortlessly seem to embody? Or, have you always been open, curious and willing to know, receive and give? If that’s the case, how could we, who have limited ourselves out of fear and patterns that have us entangled for so long – cut to the chase and start to experience the freedom that is our natural state of being?
    Love your work and love your authenticity!

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