How to Do Spiritual Healing for Pain in Body and Mind

Do you Really Need Spiritual Healing for Pain in Body and Mind?

Learn why asking “how to do spiritual healing for pain in body and mind?” might be a misdirection! Plus, do this Instant-Energy Healing Process:THREE ALIGNMENT-STATES (scroll down).

Please comment below! Let us know what you think of doing “spiritual healing for pain in body and mind” vs. “energetic healing”! Which do you do? Have you tried both?

Spiritual Healing for Pain in Body and Mind

First of all, congratulations for even asking the question “How to Do Spiritual Healing for Pain in Body and Mind.”

It means that you understand that physical healing is not enough. Nor is body-mind healing.

You recognize that body-mind-spirit are fully interconnected!

And you discern that true healing, for your body pain or discomfort, stress, immune system, emotional and psychological pain, fear, anger, and trauma held in your body and mind…

True healing requires a deeper, wider, holistic approach. Not just body and mind, but also spirit.

Awareness of body-mind-spirit holism is beautiful & inspiring

But… that very awareness might mistakenly lead us to assume that, in addition to body and mind healing, the next obvious thing to do is Spiritual Healing.

And that might be misguided!

Let’s look at what’s really behind that question of “Spiritual Healing for Pain in Body and Mind”

Because the subtle subtext of that question might actually limit – or even block – the healing outcome that you seek!

Notice what you’re really asking. Which one of these are you looking for?

  • Do you want to know how to deepen your relationship to your higher spiritual self, through awareness or intuition – and do you want to know how that can cure pain?
  • Or do you seek to expand your connection to God through prayer and spiritual practice, and you hope that God will heal your physical or psychological pain?
  • Or are you wondering whether some kind of Energetic Healing Modality will work for you, like Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Healing Touch, or something like psychic negative energy clearing or space clearing?

Any or all of those may apply. But not all of them are strictly “spiritual healing.”

A common misapprehension:
Spiritual Healing is the same as Energetic Healing.

They are not necessarily identical! Learn more about the Difference between Spiritual & Energetic.

You can certainly DO both spiritual and energetic healing. But please be mindful that you might get more useful results if you…

Don’t lump them both together!

Instead, use your higher discernment. Activate your awareness of multiple levels – of the spiritual realms and the subtle energy realms – and how they intersect and inter-relate to each other.

What does Spiritual Healing mean?

What is spiritual healing for pain?

The term spiritual healing often gets conflated with energetic healing – and spiritual energy often gets muddled with subtle energy and bio-fields.

The term “spiritual” has been vaguely applied to a wide spectrum of practices: guided meditation, chakra balancing, aura cleansing, karma clearing, past life regression, intuitive development, forgiveness, channeling, contacting the spirits of the dead, and healing methods like Reiki, Pranic Healing, etc.

However, ascribing all of these to the realm of the spiritual is often inaccurate, and needlessly confusing.

The term “Spiritual Healing” is often a vague misnomer.

It does not accurately describe what many people think it does.

  • It doesn’t just heal your spirit, or your spiritual life.
  • It doesn’t just use “spirit energy” to heal.
  • It’s not only about contacting the spirit world.

But isn’t everything ultimately Spirit? It depends upon whom you ask.

Spiritual people might say that everything is spirit, so of course healing must be spiritual.

Scientific people might say that everything is material, so of course healing must be a material or mechanistic process.

Subtle-energy sensing people might say that everything has a subtle energy field, so of course healing must be an energetic process.

Personally, I’m none of the above – I fall into the much smaller camp of people who say that healing is morphic resonance with the larger field of healing and Wholeness, so healing must be a process of resonating, “tuning up,” and Aligning with that on all levels. But that’s a whole ‘nuther article: Healing and Morphic Fields

The best definition of Spirituality I’ve found is Rupert Sheldrake’s:

Sheldrake says “Direct experience of connecting with [consciousness] is what most people mean by ‘spirituality’.” He also makes a distinction between spirit, soul, and psychic — where soul is the field of an individual, and psychic connections like telepathy are part of normal communication between individuals — they are not necessarily spiritual.

But rather than argue about which of these views is correct (spiritual, scientific, subtle-energetic, or morphic)… and rather than limiting our concept of healing by narrowing it to one realm (spirit, energy, or matter)… it’s much more helpful and efficient to simply allow that healing works, whether or not we can define how it works or what it is.

Let’s be more accurate, and stop conflating “Spiritual Healing” with “Energy Healing”

Why? Because it may:

  • Discourage people who don’t consider themselves spiritually evolved enough yet, to do healing
  • Exclude people who are skeptical or don’t consider themselves to be spiritual at all, from doing healing
  • Misdirect people into assuming that they need to believe, or have faith, or have a spiritual practice in order to heal

Don’t Get me Wrong! Doing Spiritual Healing for Pain in Body and Mind is Not Bad!

It’s wonderful for your long-term spiritual evolution.

It’s wonderful to enrich your life with blessings and joy!

But Spiritual Healing is not the most efficient, for actual healing. For example:

Here are some lovely “Spiritual Healing” practices… that don’t work very well as actual healing sessions for pain!

These are standard spiritual practices that you’ve probably been advised to do – and I heartily recommend doing them! But not when you need actual healing right this second!

Because they may not ultimately be very helpful in getting immediate healing results, when you’re in physical pain or psychological discomfort!

Also… they’re not strictly “Spiritual”! But here’s what people assume they need to do:

Now Healing Logo Spiritual Healing 1

Meditate! Hmm, but wait, that’s not strictly spiritual, it also involves the mind and the body. And while meditation is hugely helpful in life in general, it’s not the most direct pathway to fast healing relief for pain. Sure, it could possibly give you a miracle healing, but that’s not really its primary use! So I wouldn’t rely on meditation alone to give you an immediate healing for aches, pains, illness, or even spiritual distress.

Now Healing Logo Spiritual Healing 2

Ground your feet to the earth! Connect with Crystals! Again, not strictly spiritual, it’s physical and energetic. And while a lovely barefoot walk on the beach will raise your spirits, clear your head, and give you a boost of vitality – as well as ground your energetic systems – again, like meditation, it’s not the most efficient strategy for healing pain in the moment.

Now Healing Logo Spiritual Healing 3

Practice non-judgement, loving-kindness, and forgiveness! Yeah, well, that’s more mental and behavioral, not just spiritual. By all means, do it! But yet again, it’s probably not going to be sufficient for healing purposes, by itself, unless you know how to do it. For example…

In Now Healing, non-judgement is an essential aspect of preparation to do a self-healing session. But you need to apply non-judgement properly, in specific ways, in order for it to have targeted healing benefits. It’s not enough to just lackadaisically say, “yeah, whatever, it’s all good, no judgement, bro” — that kind of non-specific non-judgement might de-stress you, but it won’t go very far towards healing your pain issues.

And if being loving and kind is a pre-requisite for healing, oh boy, a lot of us would have to give up! Because it’s when you’re NOT feeling loving, and NOT able to forgive, and you’re in an irritable pissy funk… that’s when you need healing the most.

Now Healing Logo Spiritual Healing 4

Breathe! Yes, please! That works, and it’s a great place to start. But it’s also very physical, it’s not strictly spiritual healing. So when you’re wondering “how do I do spiritual healing for pain in mind and body” then “Breathe!” is not really a proper answer — just because “Breathe!” is not strictly spiritual healing. Your physical therapist or your psychotherapist may both tell you to breathe, and they’re probably not practicing spiritual healing!

>> And what if you can’t breathe well? What if that’s the reason you want healing in the first place? So many things can restrict breathing: Asthma, panic attacks, stress, heart failure, viral infections, toxic air quality… Having some spiritual guru yell at you to “breathe, just breathe,” is not going to be helpful!

Now Healing Logo Spiritual Healing 5

Pray! OK, yep, that’s pretty darn spiritual! Prayer is a powerful form of spiritual healing – but there are more effective ways to do it, and less effective ways! I’m not going to get into a religious discussion here, or a “how to pray for healing properly” lesson. I’ll just say that even if you’re not religious, and even if you don’t know who or what you’re praying to… healing prayer still works! (I know this from personal experience! Some of you dear readers will remember my story of how I became a healer after I got Lyme disease… I won’t go into it here!)

>> But you don’t really need to know HOW to pray. You don’t even need to know who you’re praying to! Just give it a go…

>> But ALSO… don’t assume you have to pray to an outside power in order to heal! You can simply connect directly to the Healing Field, as described below, without praying!

Anyhooo… All of the above ways are all actually wonderful, don’t get me wrong.

But at least the first 3 are fairly indirect – and certainly not the most effective, if you’re in acute pain or discomfort. Or if you’re panicking, or upset, or in fight-or-flight mode.

So instead, I recommend Energetic Healing – especially Now Healing!

What is Energetic Healing?

Energetic Healing involves bio-field energies and so-called subtle energies. But it is not limited to “spiritual energies” or life energy. It can include cultivating chi, aura clearing, chakra balancing, negative energy removal, hands-on healing methods, remote healing, and many more energy medicine methods, as well as the feng shui of inanimate objects, ancestral morphic fields, collective global fields, and many more. Many methods keep these categories separate, but it’s actually more effective to apply energetic healing on all levels and scales.

Sure, there’s lots of overlap between what you might consider “spiritual” and “energetic”. Just like there’s lots of overlap between body and mind. And inner and outer. And past and future. And yes, sure, ultimately, it’s all one! But oneness / Wholeness is not about confusing and conflating everything together in a muddled mishmash — it’s about clarity and higher awareness of the paradox of parts patterning infinitely within the unbroken Whole!

So if what you really want is to heal your body and mind and psyche – get clear on whether you need energetic or spiritual healing for pain.

In Now Healing, we distinguish spiritual healing from energetic healing… and we show you…

How to Know Which One to Do: Energetic or Spiritual Healing for Pain in Body and Mind?

The answer is… Ask your Highest Self!

Literally, ask the question — and then wait for the answer!

To learn more, check out some effective ways to ask and get answers.

And here’s how to discern what to heal first: body, mind, or spirit?

Why do Energetic Healing with Now Healing, rather than Spiritual Healing – at least most of the time?

  • It’s fast. Energy moves at the speed of light! Or at the speed of sound, which is pretty darn fast. Or at the speed of thought – gee, I’m not sure how many gigameters per nanosecond thoughts can travel, but yeah, whatever! Or maybe the kind of healing energy we’re talking about happens instantaneously, with spooky action at a distance, entanglement, etc?
  • It’s effective.
  • It’s easy. It’s an innate human ability! It doesn’t require you to be highly evolved, spiritually. That’s a side-effect of doing this kind of energy work!

How to do it? Try this actual Instant-Energy Healing Activation

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  1. Elma Mayer on October 14, 2022 at 10:09 am

    @Wendy, yes! Thank you for amplifying healing always!

  2. Wendy Wolosoff-Hayes on October 12, 2022 at 2:05 pm

    What a great discussion! I see the importance of being clear about what we’re doing. If we think inside the many boxes available to us, all the ways that alternative practices have offered us, we’re still not giving ourselves access to that Greater Field, which is totally beyond our understanding. In a way, it’s like throwing ourselves off the cliff of what is already known, in order to find our trust in the greater universe….Loving Now Healing, and loving you, Elma! So grateful for your wonderful work!

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