How to do self-healing on tough issues that keep coming back? [VIDEO]

What’s the most important thing to do FIRST… when you’re doing self-healing on tough issues?

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This is a short 60-second clip, on how to do self-healing on tough issues.

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More details, beyond what’s in the video:

Q: What to do first, when doing self-healing on “Tough” issues?

If you often feel disappointed, or hopeless, or irritated – because you have to keep working on the same old tough issues… the same old difficult patterns that keep coming back, again & again…

You’ll find this tip incredibly helpful:

A: Don’t do healing from “inside” the state of “Toughness.”
Instead, Disentangle from the difficulty!

Sure, the toughness exists. It’s hard. It might seem frustrating, hopeless, like an uphill battle.

But the toughness is NOT the ONLY thing that exists…

Wholeness exists too! Your Infinite Self exists too! So start there, when you’re doing energetic healing work. Don’t start working from “inside” the problem or difficulty! Instead, start your healing work as your Highest Healer Self, from the space of Wholeness.

Because when you are effectively doing healing, you are NOT doing it from the local self that needs healing, but rather from the Infinite Self that IS Healing!

How to do that?

Use the Now Healing Disentangle Technique, of course! It works almost instantly, to create space between all aspects of the “toughness” and you.

Which makes it much easier to get on with the healing… because you’re no longer distracted and distorted by the sense that healing is difficult or impossible.

What Kinds of Difficult Recurring Issues does this Work On? Emotional, Mental, Physical, or Spiritual?

Ha! That’s a trick question. In order to be effective self-healing, you must address ALL of the above… and more! Because the best kind of self-healing on tough issues is not limited to doing healing directly on the symptom itself.

First, you need to zoom out!

Self Healing for Stubborn, Habitual Emotional Pain & Unwanted Feelings

If the issue on which you want to do self-healing feels like an emotional issue… don’t just do emotional healing on what you assume is the cause! Sure, that could work for a simple issue.

But if you have long-term, complex, repeating patterns of unwanted emotions, then self-healing requires a big-picture approach. That big-picture approach includes the amazingly simple healing technique in the video above: “Do Self-Healing on Tough Issues… from OUTSIDE the toughness!”

So… for long-standing emotional pain, its not just about seeking emotional support for the cause or trigger, say, from childhood trauma, or a broken heart, or depression, dissociation, shame, anger, or anxiety. You can’t rely on coping mechanisms that stop short of big-picture healing, like simply “feeling your feelings” or “processing your feelings” or “feeling seen and heard” or “getting your emotional needs met.” Those may seem necessary but they are often not sufficient!

Self Healing for Persistent, Prolonged Mental Health Issues, Low Mood, Looping Negative Thoughts, Low Self-Esteem

What about mental health issues that keep coming back? Well, if they’re habitual, they’re no longer just in the mental realm. The mind is not just in your head! It extends out to touch the entire universe.

Even if it feels like the cause of your mental health issue comes from inside you, your thoughts, subconscious beliefs, attitude, or hidden trauma… or if testing shows a neurotransmitter imbalance… If your mental state is an on-going problem that has not fully responded to standard treatments, or alternative treatments, then again, it needs an additional approach – zooming out to a much more comprehensive perspective. Because your mind affects everything: your matter, your mood, your money, your motivation, your momentum in life.

It’s not enough to resort to the usual mental health self-care tools, or a self-compassion practice, or mindfulness, or meditation. Sure, those are great, but if they don’t work after a while, you need something more. Same with trying to sleuth out the root causes and triggers of traumatic events, PTSD, OCD, and neurological dysregulation. If you find the “cause” and address it, but it still doesn’t help to lift you out of recurring mental health problems, you need to zoom out!

By the time your issues have hardened into a pattern, it’s not enough to simply learn coping skills for letting go of the past, surviving tough times, meditating your way out of financial stress, or climate grief etc. Those coping mechanisms can be helpful, but they’re not a fix.

It takes a top-down approach, as well as a bottom-up approach! While that seems counterintuitive, that’s what Now Healing does. And a great first step is the Now Healing Disentangle Technique mentioned in the video. (Scroll down for more info.)

Self Healing for Chronic Physical Body Discomforts

We all know by now that pain or disease of the body has non-physical correlations. But we still act like the first thing to do, to self-heal the body, is work directly on the body part that’s bothering us. When we’re in physical pain, it’s sometimes hard to remember to zoom out to a more holistic frame. We forget that there’s an entire web of entanglements.

So it’s not just a matter of treating just your matter, or just your “mind over matter” – that’s not nearly enough! If you have physical aches and pains that keep recurring, or “long” stealth-virus mystery symptoms that come and go…

It’s time for a new approach. Beyond forcing yourself to change your diet or exercise routine, or change your limiting beliefs, or any one approach that’s limited to one area of life. You need to take everything in the universe into account. Sounds impossible, but that’s what Now Healing techniques are designed to do.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This kind of self-healing is definitely not about medical advice diagnosis or treatment! (See the Disclaimer at the bottom of the page.)

Nor is it the opposite: merely guided meditation or merely moving your qi around. Sure those are great, but if they haven’t worked for your tough issues that keep coming back, then you still need to zoom out to a much bigger picture! Energetic healing is much more than just qi or chakras or auras! Again, zoom out!

How to Do Self-Healing on Tough Issues… with this Super-Effective Instant-Energetic & Morphic Healing Process:

Your self-healing must be big-picture healing. If you want it to work on chronic or tough issues that keep recurring, then the kind of healing you do needs to work on ALL areas of life at the same time.

Because once an issue becomes chronic, it involves a lot more than just its local isolated self. It’s no longer a simple matter of just fixing it on its own level, like a simple splinter in your finger that you can remove quickly, and voilà, you’re done with healing it.

Tough, recurring problems have complex energetic inter-relationships.

Because everything is inter-related. Everything is entangled. So we must do healing for EVERYTHING, not just emotions or mind or body or energy or space or time – those are just a fraction of what we must take into account when doing self-healing on tough issues!

What’s the Easiest Way to Self-Heal Everything: Physical, Emotional, Mental Health – and beyond?

Heal the big picture! It’s easy, with this self-healing technique.
You saw an example of it in the video above.

Buh-buh-but whaaat? You may be filled with questions, like… how can this be easy? It sounds impossible!

  • How can you do self-healing to improve your mental health without therapy? (Again, see Disclaimer below, for all these points!)
  • What’s the most effective energy healing process for chronic pain?
  • Can you learn to self-heal a lot of your own physical health, so you can reduce your need to run around to a million doctors? (Note Disclaimer Below! These techniques are not a substitute for medical care.)
  • Why are personal habits, patterns & behaviors not just a behavioral issue that requires behavior modification?

Here’s another example of big-picture self-healing – and how you can get answers directly from your Aligned Higher Awareness, beyond “spiritual guidance”:
Get Healing Guidance from your Higher Self – 3-Step Process

In Summary…

How can you do self-healing on tough issues that keep recurring, like habits, addictions, low self-esteem, as well as chronic physical issues like pain, allergies, etc?

To effectively do energetic self-healing for difficult, complex, or recurring issues, don’t do the healing work from the perspective of your local self that is experiencing the tough issue. Instead, do healing from the perspective of your highest healer self – the Infinite Self that IS Healing! A very easy way to do that is with the Now Healing Disentangle Technique. Watch the video to learn more.

Don’t do healing from inside the state of the problem. Remember to use your higher awareness to “zoom out” from the issue, the problem, the pain.

Because anything and everything in the universe might be entangled with the problem, and might be creating hidden blockages to healing.

What’s the solution?

* Learn the Now Healing Disentangle Techniquein the Now Healing 101 Course:

Now Healing 101 Course

The Now Healing 101 Course

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