How to Heal your Body Mind Spirit – with Instant Energy Morphic Healing [VIDEO]

Actually, it’s not enough to Heal your Body Mind Spirit.
You need to heal EVERYTHING!

Watch to learn why & how to heal your body mind spirit… and far beyond!

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Transcript of the Video:
How to Heal your Body Mind Spirit

In this video, I’ll tell you how to heal everything, and why you want to heal not just your body like medicine says…

Not just your body and mind like so-called holistic medicine says…

Not just your body mind spirit like spiritual or energy healing says, but much more.

Basically, you want to heal everything, not just body mind spirit.

You may ask “But what more is there to heal, besides body mind spirit, isn’t that everything?”

Well, no, there’s lots more you can heal besides body mind spirit. There’s energy.

Because contrary to popular misconception, spirit and energy are not necessarily the same thing, even though it’s common to just mush them together into one woo-woo concept.

And there’s stuff to heal beyond body mind spirit energy, like space and time and all the interrelationships and resonances between bodies minds and spirits and energies and times and spaces and so on.

Everything in the cosmos is related and entangled and resonating with everything else, so you don’t want to just heal your body without also healing your mind and spirit and energy and past and future and the space around you and the entire environment of earth which affects you on all levels, and so on.

All those things need to support each other, for true healing.

Sometimes if you just heal one little limited area like a part of your physical body, or a single childhood trauma, you will feel better, and that’s great.

But eventually, you may come to a point where there’s a lot of different entangled things distorting your field or blocking your flow, on many levels, sometimes an overwhelming number of different “problems”…

Like the energy of your money issues is distorting your relationships and emotional peace.

Or childhood traumas are blocking your sense of flow and fulfillment.

Or the feng shui energies of your bathroom and kitchen are secretly messing with your digestive functions.

Or your digestion is causing brain fog and depression and fatigue and joint paint, or your ancestral patterns are blocking your abundance which in turn blocks your confidence in social situations and your career, which conditions a fight or flight or freeze response for your vagus nerve which then affects your breathing and oxygenation and inspiration which can make you feel spiritually disconnected and those kinds of interconnections go on and on.

It’s not enough to just fix your money problems by going to a financial advisor or fix your digestion by taking probiotics, because there are so many other variables at work.

If you tend to have more than a couple areas…

… of your life that feel problematic, they are probably distorting each other. So then, rather that trying to address them individually, or running around to different specialists to fix each “separate problem,” I suggest you try this totally unique top down approach of healing everything at the same time, body, mind, spirit, and everything else.

It’s not just “holistic.”

Not just about healing your body and mind, oooh, how modern and 20th century, and it’s not just assuming that by adding “spirit” you’re done, because you may also need to heal the resonance between your time and space and purpose, or the empty space between your atoms or your distant ancestor’s dietary habits that affect you on all levels, epigenetically and energetically.

How do you Heal it ALL?

Which brings me to my next point, which is HOW? How do you heal it all? Beyond so-called limited old school “holistic” healing or “spiritual healing”? How is it possible to heal your body, mind, spirit and everything entangled with everything else in the universe, all at the same time?

Well, first of all, we don’t just try to do healing directly on the problem itself. That’s an old-paradigm materialistic-thinking mistake.

Sure, you can do some limited healing mechanistically on the physical level, like setting a broken bone, but you don’t want to just universally apply that mechanical thinking to healing everything. You want to be integral and observe everything from a higher level.

The first step is to get rid of the assumption…

… that you always need to do direct healing on a thing on its own level. Only trying to heal the body on the physical matter level, or trying to heal the mind on the mental level, or the spirit on the spiritual level.

it’s much faster and easier to heal them ALL, not from their internal levels but from outside of them, from a highly leveraged higher level. It’s much more effective to do healing not from the local level, not from your local personality ego self, but instead, do healing from the higher level of your higher awareness.

And we all have that, whether we believe it or not. And it’s not about belief or a specific spiritual system or religion.

Now, this may sound esoteric and complex, but it’s really just about a normal everyday human capacity to expand your awareness and connection to the larger field of healing that already exists everywhere, because that’s life. Life is self-healing and self-repairing.

Getting into the healing state is easy

And getting into the healing state is actually very easy to do, very quickly. You just…

Turn on your connection to the higher healing field

…with a simple instant flip of a switch of expanded awareness. It’s happening Now!

You may be sensing that expanded connection to healing and Wholeness already – and I’d love to show you how to use your natural connection ability… to heal anything, effectively.

So if you want to learn more and actually experience a healing this way, I’d love to give you a free healing audio called “Transform Any Problem Now”. (Scroll Down to sign up!)

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Thanks for watching!
This is Elma, with Love and Wholeness, signing off for now!

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  1. Flo on August 14, 2021 at 11:57 am

    I find this totally true. When I do self healing I always have to chase down all kinds of wierd surprising causes so it becomes a confusing game of whack a mole. When I do your healings Elma, it feels lovely, orderly and organized and I feel thoroughly clean and clear. Thank you kindly!

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