What’s Causing My Lyme Symptoms?

Even on a strictly fundamentalist materialist level, the answer to this question is not just “Borrelia”! And on a more realistic, “whole-istic” level, the question itself has issues and entanglements.

Q: “What’s causing my Lyme symptoms, my pain, my depression, my brain fog?”
Q: “Why is this happening to me?”
Q: “Why did I get Lyme? (or any other disease)”
Q: “When will I ever heal?”
Q: “What did I do to attract this problem?”

A: Finding the answer doesn’t mean you’ll find the cure!

Do you often ask yourself questions about the cause of your pain, symptom, problem, or illness? Do you assume that if you could only find the right answer, you could find the cure?

While questions like these might be reasonable in the realm of science, medicine or psychology, in the realm of the new energy healing, they are fairly useless. When you hear yourself asking them, realize that they’re usually just rhetorical, not actually scientific. These questions are most likely just mental chatter, your thoughts spinning in circles. Waiting for an answer is largely barking up the wrong tree… and usually a waste your time, energy and money.

The Question you Ask Determines the Answer you Get

“Why?” “How?” and “What caused it?” are simply the wrong questions. Asking “What’s the cause?” makes the false assumption that the problem even has a cause to begin with. And worse, it stops you from receiving any answers outside of the scope of the question.

Expand Your Field of Inquiry – Beyond the Physical, Beyond the Psychological

Finding a cause may be useful from a medical or scientific standpoint, or from a psychological or philosophical view. But that’s not the realm in which we’re working, here in Now Healing Lyme.

Instead, we look at the whole field of information: physical and non-physical, conscious and non-conscious, known and unknown.

Everything is interrelated, and everything influences everything else. It’s not just the neck-bone connected to the head-bone – it’s also connected to what you had for lunch last Tuesday, and your dog’s fleas, and your great-great-grandmother’s assumptions about politics, religion and women’s suffrage.

Single “root causes” are very rare. More often, a problem has many entangled correlations, rather than just one cause.

If a disease is caused by infection, that begs the question of what caused the infection to overwhelm the body, as opposed to being easily-dealt-with by the immune system. And what caused that, and so on and so on.

The Absurdity of Looking for Cause

It’s a fallacy to think that finding a single cause is sufficient to understand the problem. The search becomes a house-that-Jack-built story, spiralling into absurdity.

“Why do I have Lyme? Coz I’m infected with Borrelia. Why? I got a tick bite. Why did I get so much sicker than my friend who also got bit? Because I have a weak immune system. What caused that? I consume too much sugar and processed food. Why? I eat when I’m stressed. What caused that? My mom used food to soothe me when I was growing up. Why? Her family starved during WWII, so she overcompensated on me….” So, ultimately, you can blame Hitler for your Lyme disease, right?

This line of “reasoning” can be applied equally, ad absurdum, from conspiracy theories of Lyme on one extreme, to IDSA theories on the other, as well as to so-called “reasonable” theories in-between.

A disease as complex as Lyme, with its myriad co-infections like Babesia, Bartonella, and Ehrlichia, and biofilms, mycoplasma, etcetera… is unlikely to have a single cause. Yet we keep acting like it does, and asking the wrong questions.

Scientists and New Agers Make the Same Mistake

Don’t make the classic mistake of confusing “cause” with “correlation.” In my experience and practice, cause-and-effect, as a simple one-to-one correspondence, rarely exists – because this is not a mechanistic universe. Neither is it a purely mental universe, or a solely spiritual universe. All levels of existence influence all others – none are primary. Everything is related to everything else – correlated and entangled.

It’s not just scientists, doctors and and psychologists who make the mistake of assuming that cause-and-effect is operative. Alternative healers, spiritual healers, and energy healers fall into this fallacy too.

How many times have you heard something like “Your neck pain is caused by a past-life trauma of being hanged.” Well, then what caused that past-life trauma? And what caused that cause? It’s fun and entertaining, and even occasionally useful, to dig for the root cause. But there are much faster, more effective and more direct questions to ask.

On the one hand, assuming that the only true cause of a disease is an infectious micro-organism is a big mistake. Infection is just a tiny component of the whole entangled web of illness. On the other hand, assuming (like many new-age folks do) that disease is your own fault because you must have attracted it somehow… that’s also false – at most, your conscious creation of a problem is a small fraction of reality.

So What’s the Right Question?

My Lyme clients who get better tend to be willing to let go of asking “Why?”

Of my few Lyme clients who don’t get better, most are obsessed with the question of why… why did this happen to me, why am I not healing, why do I hurt, why am I depressed, etc. Even though there is no answer, they keep asking the question!

So is there a right question? There are many. Let’s look at one example:

“What can I do to strengthen my body-mind-spirit to support healing?” This question takes an open-ended approach. It allows for action on many levels of existence – including taking medication, nutrition, detoxing, mental attitude, relationships, emotional support, and everyday habits and patterns. They’re all correlated.

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  1. mary on April 30, 2012 at 1:23 pm

    I wandered upon your insights on Lyme’s disease and was quite happy to “see” evidence of the Universe doing its work. Im new to your websiite, and I too have been pondering the supposed usefulness of the “why” question to any disease. The condition I “get” to learn from personally is Parkinson’s Disease.. And the awareness that came to me re: “why” is that the why answer really at its core is all the same for everyone.. Why? for our learning. Learning on many levels. The question I have been recently pondering is “what?” For example, now that I am dealing with this “teacher”, the PD, what am I here to do/be? How can I serve humanity in this altered state of being? These are the questions that have come up for me. Thank you for your free recordings, Im still in the process of deciding to signup for your Inner Circle. So far I feel comfortable with your philosophy and enjoying what you have to offer.

    Many Blessings and Radiant Light,

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