Yuen Method, Matrix Energetics, ThetaHealing, Orin: How these Modalities Relate to Now Healing

Brief Update as of July 2018

I am seriously considering removing “Matrix Energetics” from my list of Certifications. Its founder, Richard Bartlett, has gone off into a nasty negative place, propagating pizzagate and pedophilia paranoia – troll-created hate-speech-fiction – as truth. It saddens me that such a brilliant person has fallen into a reversed reality – as have many folks in this weird fracturing to fascism, the Q-anon cult, and violent right-wing rhetoric in the guise of “the great awakening” and “anyone who’s not with me is being controlled by the evil you-know-who overlords.”

I’m in the process of reviewing my options and my stance. I do not want any part in appeasement. If Bartlett is a full-fledged functioning fractal of this new fascism, or even a merely a passive dupe of disinformation, then I must fully Disentangle on all levels!

Original Article & Video from 2011 about Yuen Method and Matrix Energetics and how they relate to Now Healing

For a more in-depth comparison of Now Healing and Yuen Method and Matrix Energetics and other methods, see below!

Foundations of Now Healing

The Now Healing Energetic Alignment technique, including Enter, Align, Disentangle™, and Re-integrate, is my recipe. But it’s also a salad with many other ingredients, many of which are not of my own making. Now Healing is informed and inspired by many methods of working with energy that I’ve learned from others, as well as energetically downloaded from the universal mind. It’s based on a way of shifting energy that is used in many new healing modalities, some of which are described below. Combining them with my own experience and practice formed the Now Healing Energetic Alignment and Disentangle™ technique, which is meant to be a very simple entry into the realm of shifting energy and information directly.

Some of the foundations of Now Healing are:

1) Orin’s techniques for mentally working with energy of any issue. Through Sanaya Roman, Orin teaches how to make life changes by working with energy directly. He emphasizes the importance of non-attachment, and also teaches how to connect with higher will, higher purpose and higher self. For more info, go to orindaben.com

2) Biologist Rupert Sheldrake’s work on morphic fields and his article on prayer – though not technically a healer, he definitely heals!

3) The Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics. Developed by Dr. Kam Yuen, DC, the Yuen Method is powerful in two major aspects. First, it provides a protocol to find the weak energies that underlie any problem. These energy weaknesses are not obvious to the conscious mind, but they’re easy to find if you know how to identify them with energetic testing. Second, The Yuen Method uses an accessible process to transform this weak energy into strong energy. This is known as a correction. Changes and healing often manifest instantly or very quickly. I used to teach YM Levels 1, 2, and 3, but now I focus only on Now Healing.

4) Other Healing Systems: EFT, Abraham, Dr. Santokh Singh Khalsa’s Unification technique and his teaching of the Ten Body Technique, Dr. Robert Kandarjian’s – and many more, informed and corroborated Now Healing. Every class I take, every healing book I read, every healing system that I learn or even just hear about casually… if they resonate with me, I resonate “back” with their energy field and “use” them as needed.

5) Matrix Energetics. [See caveat at the top of this post!] Developed by Dr. Richard Bartlett, this system also creates instant change by mentally working with energy and information, without really “doing” anything. (I had already developed Now Healing before I attended any Matrix Energetics workshops, but it did help to corroborate my own experiences.)

6) Other Healers. I’ve learned and synthesized from dozens of colleagues and healers, and from the Highest Selves of countless clients, students and healing trade partners. There are way too many to list here… you know who you are! But two big huge grateful shout-outs must go to Nedi Safa, and Bethany Milton of Quantum Shift Energetics, both of whom teach me infinite stuff.

7) Information Downloads and Harmonic Resonance. I didn’t know what else to call it, so I called it The Thing That Heals – Earths’ green regenerating life energy. It was my first download/resonance experience back in the early 1990s, when I became open to such experiences, inspired by Orin, Robert Kandarjian, and Rupert Sheldrake’s concept of Morphic Fields. Co-healing experiences with many ascended masters and guides, including my personal guides and Holoelim, are constantly downloaded through Highest Self. Entering the healing energy and information of solar light, and Orin’s description of the seven rays of divine will, to name just as few, all informed the Now Healing morphic field.

Now Healing, Yuen Method and Matrix Energetics and ThetaHealing – a Comparison

Observing them from the outside, Yuen Method and Matrix Energetics are quite similar. Both routinely get a high proportion of so-called “miraculous” and instantaneous results.

One major similarity between the two methods is the two-point from Matrix Energetics, which is sort of analogous to a Yuen Method correction. In YM, the first point would be the weakness or the thought of the problem being gone, and the second point is the midline. (In Now Healing, the first point would correspond to the command you give, and the second point is the Center or the Enter button.) Another similarity is the general ability to make change instantly, with the mind.

However, there are some significant differences. Matrix Energetics always asks open-ended questions, like “What if this situation were different?” Yuen Method asks a few basic questions, often with binary or multiple-choice-style answers, the most common ones being “Is the energy strong or weak?” and “Where is the weakness coming from? Body, mind or spirit? Internal or External?” and so on.

Yuen Method also asks “Is it true?” – is the source of the problem the true source? Only true answers are valid in Yuen Method.

Matrix asks a different type of question: “Is it useful?” It accepts whatever “shows up,” which could be a stream-of-consciousness free-associated symbol. It doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not, as long as it makes a change.

Funny thing is… both Yuen Method and Matrix Energetics work, even though they break each other’s rules. This corroborates the Matrix Energetics idea that you can simply make up your own rules, and they will work. Reading Orin’s work, and my own experiences, brought me to the same conclusion independently – anything can work to shift energy.

The most powerful thing about YM is the emphasis on Neutrality – a pre-requisite for doing anything in YM. Paradoxically, the more neutral you are about your healing results, the better results you tend to get. Even more important, neutrality is extremely liberating and enlightening on a personal level. ME also invokes neutrality, but doesn’t really teach you how to get neutral like YM does.

Their spotty neutrality occasionally makes ME practitioners not quite as grounded and functional as YM practitioners – it’s common in ME to indulge in lots of drama. Falling unconscious or laughing hysterically are frequent and even desirable reactions to ME. If ME practitioners were taught to be more neutral, I think their experiences would be even more useful than they already are, and less draining! But the upside is that ME practitioners do seem to have a lot more fun than YM practitioners – YM can be kind of dry sometimes.

Theta Healing’s “Go up and work with God” technique is also remarkably similar in many ways to the Yuen Method correction – although both founders of those techniques might object to this characterization! The Go Up technique has much more ritual associated with it – most of it unnecessary unless you believe that it is. With Now Healing Energetic Alignment, there’s no need to specifically enter the theta brainwave state or to invoke God – but we do go up, although in a different way. In Now Healing, I was moving the focus up the Center before I learned ThetaHealing, and it was great to get corroboration that a similar technique was being used in another method. Personally, I don’t use Theta Healing at all anymore, but it does work for many people.

The questions these systems ask are subtly different. Rather that YM’s “Is it true?” or ME’s “Is it useful,” Now Healing tends to ask “Is it Whole?” “Is it connected or disconnected to multi-dimensional wholeness?” (Find out more, in the Now Healing 101 course!)

Neutrality is essential in Now Healing, but so is non-attachment – an aspect of neutrality that YM doesn’t deal with too much. In YM, emotions, passion and even compassion are useless and according to Dr. Yuen, not desirable. In Now Healing, emotion, passion and compassion are fine as long as we are non-attached and neutral to them – as long as they don’t weaken your energy field. Non-attached emotions flow – they come and go. Like breath or food, they become toxic if you don’t let them go.

There are many more comparisons and contrasts that could be made… check back for future updates to this article.

Similar Information in Many Methods

Now Healing techniques were already well-formed when I learned Matrix Energetics and ThetaHealing. Both of them, but especially Matrix Energetics, corroborated what was evolving for me. They also showed me areas where Now Healing diverged from their techniques.

That said, nothing exists in a vacuum. Ideas and inspirations do not come from the local self. These ways of working with energy are psychically downloading to many people simultaneously. We all amplify and create the evolving morphic field of “healing” and instant change. So it all becomes a big primordial soup – or a salad – as individual ideas merge with collective ideas.

ME seems to incorporate bits and pieces from many other systems (like YM), both credited and uncredited. I personally have energetically downloaded stuff, independently, that sounds and works exactly like ME or other systems (and you may have similar experiences). I want to keep in integrity about other people’s intellectual property and give credit where credit is due. But most of the time, this information comes through as a morphic field or as psychic resonance, inspiration or divine will, so it’s hard to plant a flag on it and say “that’s mine.”

What’s the Best Energy-Shifting Technique?

Given all the modalities that use similar-but-slightly-varied means, you have probably guessed that it doesn’t really matter how the energy is shifted, or which technique you use. Whether it’s a correction, the theta state, a two-point, a zip-up, meridian tapping, or a Now Healing Energetic Alignment, the energy will shift – according to the degree of possibility that your connection provides.

In other words, you set it up the way you want. If you intend to release an emotion, connect to protection, or invoke a specific idea of God-the-Creator, then that’s what you’ll get. If you look for truth or open-endedness, that’s what you’ll get. If you go beyond your personal intention, and your connection is infinitely whole, always expanding to the highest vibrations, then the results are infinite possibility.

The best technique is the one that you resonate with, and that works best for you, in the moment. See Energy Healing Training Online: What to Look for, What to Avoid

Now Healing is just one of many systems for shifting energy. The actual system is not what’s important, as long as you find something that works for you, that gets you into an effective healing space.

What is most important is the fact that you can work with energy directly – effortlessly and effectively – yourself!

You can enter the energy field of healing from many different portals. Now Healing opens one doorway out of many… welcome, and come on in!

What do you think about all this? Leave a reply below.

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  1. Glenn on March 26, 2014 at 7:15 pm

    Nice article. !
    Through my recent work with Parallel realities and having been a YM and 2-point practitioner (past 7 years). I’m beginning to discover what may be taking place:

    note: this is still unfolding for me, thus it may sound a bit whacky.

    1) i am the only person who experiences my reality.
    2) Thus all ‘others’ are simply reflections of my ‘state of being’.
    3) My consciousness travels through ‘still frames’ creating the side effect of: time & space. (not unlike movies which are a series of still frames running at 24 frames a second to simulate moviment)

    4) when I set up a field of intent, (during an energy shifting class) in effect I am shifting to a parallel earth of that ‘whole or healed’ vibration. which is simply reflected by ‘others’ in my ‘reality’.

    Using the metaphor of altitude. Crops & plants specifically grow and inhabit bands of climate ranges. If I were suffering from an illness that related to ‘trees’ , I could shift myself to a higher altitude above the tree line and thus would be free of that aliment., as trees can not survive in my new found surroundings.



  2. Barbara on October 26, 2013 at 1:17 pm

    Hi Elma,

    This article is a perfectly timed discovery ..I just hit the confusion mark. I started with YM last fall and discovered that I could in fact shift energy and I was looking for something that would resonate more with compassion etc. It seems to me that YM left me wondering if I was a person with feelings anymore because I was neutral. I didn’t know how to handle the neutrality. I asked if I was just missing the drama or missing compassion, understanding, emotions etc. I didn’t want to give those up it seems. It also seems that I waswillingly try to shift energy for others and was leave myself out so I now use you and Rudy Hunter for that.

    I went on to listen to many webcasts featuring many guest energy shifters, coaches etc . Then I heard the Rudy Hunter call and connected to his site and then you and Nedi. I really felt the shift in a big way on that first call with Rudy. It was like being in a swimming pool with all the drag of water and then being out of it.
    I experienced recognizable shifting on your free samples so you two are my GO TO energy shifters right now.
    Also I feel like the human element remains intact. It may be your sense of humour and down to earth explanations but in the end it just resonates with me so I am enrolling in your year membership and then the NOW HEALING course in 2014.

    How can we ever be completely free of doing energetic alignments when we have a gazillion experiences that we are unraveling and even, perhaps, past lives? I think this course and membership will be a great addition to my tool kit. Looking forward to joining the next call.

    sending Love and Light, Barbara

    Love and Light

  3. Archie on October 23, 2013 at 2:19 am

    Thank you so much for this article Elma. I would love to become a healer but had become so confused about the plethora of techniques and modalities around. I met Dr Bartlett in London and experienced his Matrix Energetics at an evening talk which he did, but somehow it did not really resonate with me and I found it hard to get my head round his explanations in his book “The Physics of Miracles” even though I come from a Science and Engineering background. I have also looked at a version of Chinese Energetics taught by a practitioner of the Yuen Method. I have also had Quantum Touch and Theta Healing sessions.
    With all this, something about the simplicity of Now Healing and the explanations you give seem to resonate more with me.
    After listening to your interview with Rudy Hunter, I have ordered one of the Orin books.
    Thanks again for writing this illuminating article.

  4. Nedi on June 26, 2011 at 1:42 pm

    I feel that Now Healing encompasses everything I learned in Yuen Method in its own unique way and expands it. If someone wants to learn energy work, I send them to NOW HEALING.

  5. Lewis on June 19, 2011 at 9:21 pm

    Hi Elma,I just want to thank you for teaching so clearly and openly about all your different Modalities I to have worked with many different ones energy works as well as tuning forks,matrix’s,and have listen to chinese energetics and yung method were i ran across you on you tube.I love the way you put this explanation of all the method work. I put it out to the universe for easier way to use it and then it comes.I really want to work with you as soon as some money starts coming inn.I have been working to start a online as well as locale addition recovery service.Thank you for all you do and I hope to connect soon.

  6. kris on June 17, 2011 at 10:07 am

    As a fellow experiencer of Orin/DaBen’s energy (LightBody grad), I found your article very interesting. I am now “getting into” matrix energies and that’s how I “discovered” your site! Thank you for sharing such interesting information…

  7. B on April 14, 2011 at 10:39 am

    Elma: You are amazingly generous in sharing your information and explaining what is going on with such clarity. I can imagine your teaching skills are also stellar. I thank you so much for bringing this clarity to me and appreciate your commitment to raising the vibrations of the planet and each person in it, one at a time. You and your work are so valuable and so needed. Many thanks and gratitude.

  8. nihal bhat on October 5, 2010 at 11:44 pm

    thanks for sharing your knowledge. since all techniques involve the manipulation of CHI it is up to the client to decide which resonates. ultimately the energy fields will balance with persistence and specialised skill of practitioner of any of the above techniques/combination etc.

  9. Elma on April 26, 2010 at 9:36 pm

    Hi Scott! Yes, I’m in Los Angeles. And I am giving some workshops very soon – see the “Now Healing 101” page on the website. Re: the corrections not lasting – It’s very useful to expand our definition of what “it’s working” actually means. For one thing, it depends on the specific energy patterns. Sometimes the alignments need to happen on a “maintenance” level, or cyclically, or repeatedly on different levels and dimensions… like many things in life (eating, breathing, brushing teeth, having relationships, etc…). When the pain moves, the alignment “worked” – maybe not exactly the way we wanted – but the energy shifted, and change happened. I often have to remind myself that my expectations of “healing” often get in the way!

  10. Scott Burden on April 23, 2010 at 11:34 am

    Thank you Elma. Recently, I met Richard Gordon (Quantum Touch) And a major shift occurred for me. I practiced “running the energy” and then I noticed I was picking up a lot of information. That reminded me of Kam Yuen’s work. That is what led me to you. Your videos have been very helpful. Although, I have had some confusion on keeping things clear. What is working and what is not. Also, the corrections don’t seem to last very long, or the pain shifts to another area. Do you live in the LA area? Are you giving any workshops? What is the price? Thank you, Scott

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