Energy Healing Training Online: What to Look for, What to Avoid

How to Discern which Energy Healing Training Course Truly Resonates with You

Energy Healing Training Online - Best Energetic Healing Course - What to look for - Now Healing with Elma Mayer

This article is NOT a hyped-up review by an adderral-pumped marketer pushing the “Best Energy Healing Training Online”. Nor is it a dry feature comparison of the “Top Ten Energy Medicine Courses.”

Because those kinds of articles won’t tell you what you truly need to know to choose a healing training course that fits your energy!

Instead, you’ll learn something much more useful than opinionated ratings, or hard facts like features, price, and certification requirements. Because your process of elimination shouldn’t be based on random reviews, or which training delivers the easiest, cheapest continuing education credits.

You Need Subtle Information!

After all, learning energy healing is largely about sensing subtle energies.

So that’s what this article is about: to get you thinking about the bigger picture – and sensing the higher purpose – of your desire to take energy healing training.

First, Get Clear: What’s your Purpose for Learning Healing Techniques?

What do you think you need to learn? Is it actually true?

And what do you need to learn that you don’t even know is possible? Yep, that’s a mind-bender!

Then, practically speaking… where are you right now, in your healing journey? And what do you really need?

  • Are you an experienced practitioner, healer, acupuncturist, registered nurse, massage therapist, or some kind of bio energy healing practitioner… who wants to add a specific new modality to your existing energetic toolkit or certifications?
  • Or are you relatively new to this realm, but you’ve experienced great results from receiving energy healing – and now you feel ready to learn to do it yourself?
  • Do you want to help a loved one to heal from an ailment, addiction, or otherwise improve their life?
  • Do you think you should learn a specific modality that “everyone’s doing” – but you’re not sure which one, like Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Qi Gong, EFT, or other Bio-Energy Healing?

Whatever it is that you want to learn, I advise that you “open to receive” the subtle information you actually need, in order to make your decision. And always allow for even greater possibilities than what you think you need!

Become aware of your expectations – both positive and negative.

This can help you to be more fluid about your expectations, so you can “unclench” and “allow.” Because even seemingly “good” expectations (for example, “I know I can heal this if I work hard at it,” or “My practitioner said this healing technique should work within three sessions”) can be limiting. But I digress! Let’s have you experience an actual healing, right now.

Let’s do an actual Instant Healing Alignment for you!

Say this Now Healing Command as you bring it into your Center:

Find the best energy healing training online - do this Instant Energy Healing Activation to Align with your next step on your healing journey - Now Healing with Elma Mayer

Next, Clear your Assumptions & Expectations

Now that you’ve done the Healing Alignment above, you’ll want to clean your energetic slate.

So that your choices are not distorted by unnecessary thought-forms!

Let go of assumptions like these below:

Limiting Belief or Expectation:What’s Actually True
It takes years of study & practice to learn energy healing.You can learn the basics of Instant Energy Healing within minutes, if you do it the Now Healing way! Of course, you’ll deepen your practice & abilities, the longer you do it. But you can get started creating real healing results, in just a few minutes – try it here: 12-minute Healing Audio – Transform Any Problem… Now
You need to learn healing in person.Nope! It’s just as effective, and maybe even easier, to do energy healing training online or remotely. No need to touch your client, or have them in the same room, or even get a hands-on attunement from a master healer or guru. Learn why – scroll down!
Healing energy is channeled into your upper chakras, and is then transmitted to the client through your hands or heart.Not necessarily! That’s just one of many ways to do healing. In fact, you don’t need to “transmit” or “channel” anything – that’s a mechanistic, materialist metaphor, and it’s a misleading fallacy.
You have to believe, trust, or have faith, for energy healing to work.Unh-uh! Even I can hardly believe this stuff works sometimes! And yet I’ve gotten amazing results, even when I was in total doubt. Contrary to popular belief, healing does not require belief! (Because we humans often believe things that are not true, and disbelieve things that are true! So thank goodness healing doesn’t need belief.)
Energy Healing is about spiritual energies.Nah, there’s a big difference between spiritual and energetic.
You need to understand how energy healing works, scientifically or medically.Nope! While it’s certainly fascinating to research and study the human energy field, or action at a distance, or quantum entanglement, or proving or disproving the placebo effect… all of that has very little to do with the actual healing process – and the actual results.
See the Rupert Sheldrake Quote below…
Energy Healing Training Online - What you need to know - Rupert Sheldrake Quote - Knowing How Things Work - Now Healing with Elma Mayer

One of the biggest mis-directions and blockages to learning healing that I know of is assuming: “I need to know how energy healing works before I can do it effectively”.

The process of doing healing and the process of studying how it works are two different things. Keep them separate! Don’t hobble yourself by trying to do both at the same time!

Is it possible to learn how to do energy healing online?

Don’t assume you need to learn energy healing in a live, in-person setting. In many ways, it’s actually easier – and more effective – to learn energetic healing methods remotely or online. Because the kinds of energies you’ll learn to use are not just local bio-field energies…

Energy healing is not just about direct manipulation of the human biofield, like auras, chakras, chi, or prana. There are many other energies, resonances, and higher awarenesses involved, that are non-local… meaning they work at a distance, through space and time.

In fact, even so-called “hands-on” healing is actually remote healing.

All Healing is Remote - Energy Healing Training Online - Now Healing with Elma Mayer

All energetic healing is essentially distance healing – whether you’re holding your hands a few centimeters above your client, or you’re located halfway across the planet! You can easily shift chi or balance chakras or do space clearing, remotely in space (at a distance) and in time (through previously-recorded videos or audios.)

While that may seem mind-blowing and woo-woo, it’s actually easily demonstrable, in any good energy healing training course, like the Now Healing 101 Course (see our Programs page). And you’ll find tons of free examples when you Join our Healing List to receive this free healing audio.

Where do you Start, with Energy Healing Training?

Before you jump into any particular energy healing course, it’s wise to determine whether that modality limits you to just one topic area. Do you start with developing your intuition? Or Reiki training? Or is the best way to begin to read auras? Balance chakras? Unblock chi? What about negative energy clearing, psychic protection, past life trauma release, lightwork, or any of dozens of energetic healing modalities? With so many disparate kinds of healing available, how do you know where to start? The answer is:

Don’t start with specifics. Rather than delve into any one specialized techniques, it’s best to zoom out.

Start with a big-picture holistic approach that encompasses ALL energies. For example, see What to Heal First – Body, Mind or Spirit or try the Now Healing 101 Course, on our Programs Page.

What to look for, in an energy healing training course - Now Healing with Elma Mayer

Look for These Elements Before you Buy an Energy Healing Training Course

When you’re researching a training program, here are some practical things to look for:

  • Free samples of the technique that you can access immediately. That way, you can actually try it out in and see if it works for you. Unfortunately, most courses don’t offer free samples, let alone provide a lot of transparency. Some may offer a free webinar (rarely, these can be great, but many are filled with misleading salesy hype that wastes your time). But it’s so helpful if you can try something right away! For example, this free healing audio.
  • Online videos of the method and teacher. That’s the next best thing to an instant-access free sample. That way, you can get a sense of whether you resonate or “vibe” with them. But don’t rely on “vibe” alone! See “What to Avoid” below. And for lots of videos of me teaching & demonstrating Now Healing, browse the Blog!
  • Testimonials and customer reviews that are real. How can you know whether they’re real? Fake reviews usually have telltale signs: there’s a similar tone to many of them, or salesy language that indicates it may have been written by marketers. But us highly-aware folks have an even better tool for discernment: Aligned Higher Awareness! If you know how to use this kind of discernment, it can be enormously helpful. (A brief summary: First, get very Centered, non-attached, and Aligned with Wholeness; Next, tune in and ask your Infinite Self: is this review real and accurate? Don’t rely on your opinions, beliefs, doubts, or mis-aligned intuition or emotionally-distorted gut feelings! To learn more, try this Instant Healing Experience of Aligned Higher Awareness.
What to avoid, in an energy healing training course - Now Healing with Elma Mayer

What to Avoid, in Energy Healing Training Online Courses

So much of the information on energy out there is actually misinformation. Even if it’s not trying to be misleading, at best, there are way too many modalities that teach unexamined false assumptions about magic, or that take sciencey-sounding metaphors as fact – like “quantum healing” or “DNA Activation”.

Here are some things to watch out for, including some of my pet peeves:

  • Clichés and glib assumptions about what “Energy” and “Vibration” mean. For example, which chakras match which emotions, colors, and crystals. There’s so much BS about this, don’t fall for it! For more in-depth discussion and a free healing, see my video How to Raise your Vibration? – Don’t!
  • Cultural appropriation of shamanic healing or indigenous methods. If it’s outside your tradition, and especially if you’re white or privileged… don’t be a colonizer, be an ally!
  • Cults and Cults of Personality. This is a big problem in the woo-woo world of wellness & holistic healing hype. QAnon hijacked so many formerly-aware folks in the healing and yoga communities, and they’re still at it, spreading disinformation. By now, you can see how it’s so obviously fascist, but back in 2016/2017, it was all dressed up in the language of “lightwork” and “ascension”, to mislead and dupe so many. And it’s not just QAnon right-wing extremism. It’s also sexual abuse and manipulation. How many stories have you heard about so-called gurus or holy people who turn out to abuse and gaslight their followers? From John of God to Yogi Bhajan to dozens of less-well-known wannabe cult leaders who are secret malignant narcissists, they hook unwitting, vulnerable people into control or even sexual abuse. So use your discernment! And read more about it in this article by Lissa Rankin, MD: 20 Ways to Spot a Cultic Leader
  • Ego: Even if the modality is not a cult, its founder might have a big-ass ego! Unfortunately, some great healing modalities have this issue – like that of my first teacher. He was an amazing healer with an amazing method – but he was always kind of a dick (with apologies to the male reproductive system). I’m not saying to avoid egotistical teachers completely, but DO be very discerning. If you do choose to study with talented, brilliant egomaniacs, make sure you don’t fall into a gnarly relationship with them – and make sure to separate the useful parts of the method from the madness! That’s why online healing courses are a good buffer. They will give you at least some protection from the ego of the teacher – but not full protection. So be aware and beware!
  • Claims of Medical Healing. In the USA, that’s illegal. So avoid any modality that makes “outrageous claims.” Even if they’re true! Good healing modalities should know better than to hype medical miracles, and if they don’t, then they don’t know what they’re doing!
  • Claims of Mastery. What an outdated, yucky concept! A “master healer” not only implies ego, but also elitism, and even enslavement. Let’s democratize, decolonize and normalize our innate healing ability! Everyone can do healing, no need to be a master.
  • Claims of Mystery, Magic, Miracles. Sure, sometimes energetic healing does feel mysterious, magical, and miraculous! But that feeling is not its primary cause or function. That’s not what makes it work. Lots of things feel magical, like a forest clearing in the early morning – or miraculous, like childbirth, or a sudden spontaneous healing. But the feeling of magic or mystery is a side effect, a secondary perceptual state. It’s not the main event! Healing doesn’t require other-worldly woo-woo – LIFE heals us at every moment, and that’s totally normal. True Healing is grounded and Centered in life and reality, as well as expanded to Wholeness.
  • Words like “Quantum” and “Frequency” and other sciencey terms that are bandied about to try to make energy healing seem more legitimate. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. Don’t even get me started!

So if it’s not about “quantum energy” or “healing frequencies”…

What IS it about?

What Kind of Energy does Energy Healing Training Teach?

Most of the popular or traditional energy healing practices teach specific, yet limited ways to shift energy. For example, channeling healing energy through your hands or heart, transmitting light, or unblocking prana or chi through yoga or qi gong, etc. And while those methods are certainly teachable and highly effective, they don’t always address the most important kinds of energy to use in energy healing. Is there a single best kind of energy that’s most important? Yes:

It’s whatever kind of energy is most disconnected from Wholeness in the moment. And that can be any one of dozens of types of energies. The best training will teach you how to shift ALL kinds of energy – from the bio-field energies of the body, to the geopathic energies of the space around you, to cosmic energies, etc etc. You can easily learn ALL of that, in the Now Healing 101 Course.

In Summary: What’s the Best Method of Energy Healing Training Online?

After you’ve taken into consideration all of the above, take a minute to get very Aligned & Centered. Turn ON your higher awareness. Engage your knowingness. Ask your Infinite Self to answer this question:

Which method do you sense will Align you with your Highest Healing Expression?

The correct answer is: the one that most resonates with you!

What’s my personal answer?

My favorite is Now Healing, of course!

I designed and created Now Healing (or rather, I downloaded it from, and co-created it with The Healing Field, The Universal Mind, Infinite Self, and Wholeness)… to fulfill the highest expression & purpose that I could possibly bring into being.

And I worked hard to make it easy, effective, clear, and down-to-earth for you – so you can learn it quickly and Get Started Doing and Being Healing… Now!

Align with doing healing - Energy Healing Training Online - Now Healing with Elma Mayer
Transform Any Problem Now - Healing Audio - Now Healing with Elma Mayer

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Elma Mayer, Founder of Now Healing Hi, I’m Elma Mayer, Founder of Now Healing. My higher purpose is to amplify your innate instant-healing ability – whether you are an advanced healer, or just starting out. And shhh, just between us: my secret ulterior motive is for you to not only heal yourself and your loved ones, but the entire planet! Tens of thousands of people have used my Now Healing tools to do incredibly effective instant-energy healing, with ease. And you can too. Let's do it now!

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