A Fundamentally New Way to Heal – Morphic Resonance Healing

Q: What can you heal with Morphic Resonance Healing?

A: Everything!

In this post, you’ll learn about a fundamentally new way to heal anything… with Morphic Resonance Healing.

Specifically, heal this ODD, unusual thing – that works wonders:

Don’t do healing directly on a pain or problem, on its own level.

Instead… heal the Morphic Field of its Function.

Admittedly… This is a weird and uncommon way to do healing!

Nobody really gets that you can heal the field of “the function” of a thing. (Except weirdos like me?)

You’re NOT doing healing directly on “the thing itself.” You’re not trying to do healing on a body part, or a belief, or a trauma – or anything on its own level.

Instead, you’ll get huge leverage, when you do Morphic Resonance Healing on the field of the function.

New Way to Heal - Morphic Resonance Healing - Now Healing with Elma Mayer

Why do Morphic Resonance Healing?

  • Because it’s faster, easier, and WHOLE-er.
  • Because it doesn’t just heal the thing that’s bothering you.
  • It heals everything that’s related to it (everything that resonates with it).

Ask yourself… is everything functioning well in your life?

  • Is each part of you working at its highest function?
  • Do each of your body parts work well together?
  • Are all parts of your life (body, mind, energy, behaviors, relationships, time, space, spirit…) working in and of themselves… and working together?

If not, then let’s do Morphic Healing on the function rather than the thing itself. You’ll be surprised at how well this works.

Want to Try Morphic Healing for your Funky Functions?

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WHAT: GUIDED HEALING REPLAY – Align with Full Function for ALL your Parts Body, Brain, Mind, Emotions, Energy, Spirit, Behavior, Love, Money…

We will do morphic healing on ALL your functions, including

  • Internal functions like your brain, nervous system, heart, digestion, mobility, flexibility, and whole body. Also, mental & emotional functions, bio-energy systems & vitality… Plus…
  • External functions like your: money, relationships, creativity, spirituality etc. Are they all working at full capacity? Are they all working together in full coherence?

How will we do this? Well, it’s super-exciting and totally unique.

Instead of healing the thing itself, we’re going to heal the field of its function. Yep, really.

We’re gonna do morphic healing to re-tune the resonance of the function’s pattern-through-space-time.

It sounds complicated and esoteric. But you’ll see how it’s actually elegant in its simplicity.

Let me give you…

… an eye-opening, mind-opening, spirit-expanding healing experience!

I always give my ALL and “pull out all the stops” for my amazing Guided Healing Members.

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  1. Elma Mayer on July 29, 2021 at 8:00 am

    @Lene, thanks for asking! I have a different program that is better suited to teach you to heal others, and you can apply it to cats too. It’s the Now Healing 101 Course: https://nowhealing.com/now-healing-101/.

    In the Guided Healing Membership, mentioned in the article above, you will learn some tips and tools for self-healing – and it’s a great entry into discovering whether you resonate with this method, so I do recommend starting with the membership! But if you want a more comprehensive course, I recommend Now Healing 101.

  2. Lene on July 29, 2021 at 1:51 am

    I would love to help my beautiful cat Suzy. Will I learn to heal others, too?

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