How to Get what you Need to be Healthy, Wealthy, Wise, Inspired & Loving [VIDEO]

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  1. Do you already have what you need to be healthy on ALL levels and fully satisfied in life? Then your needs will be met even more fully, in this video!
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  3. This is different. This is NOT just about “How to Get what you Need to be Healthy” for ONE thing. Nope, in Now Healing, we can do a lot more…

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Transcript of the Video – How to Get What you Need to be Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

Do you feel like you have unmet needs in many areas of life, like health and wealth and mood and mindset and love etc? I bet you can think of lots of essential things you need in order to live a fulfilled life.

For example, what do you personally need, in order to be healthy? In a minute, I’m going to have you think of three things you think you need. And then, in this video you are going to receive a big energetic healing Alignment for those 3 needs, plus 6 other things that you think you need to be not just healthy, but also wealthy, wise, inspired, loving and fulfilled in life. And please make sure to watch this video to the end, because there are healing energies running throughout this video, beyond the words that I’m saying, and those healing energies are happening now, and until the very last second of the video.

OK, get ready. I’m going to be quiet for about 10 seconds while you tune in and make a quick mental list of 3 things, it doesn’t have to be a detailed or perfect list.

What do you think you need most, in order to be healthy?

List 3 things – go!

OK, next… tune in…

What do you think you need, to be wealthy & abundant & blessed by the cosmos? 

List three more things – go.

And thirdly…

What do you need, to be mentally and emotionally Aligned…

… with your higher awareness – and highest expression – and your energized, inspired creative self – and your higher love for life and all beings? 

List three things you need in the area of your higher mind and emotions – go!

Great, so now what are we going to do with all those energies of your needs? 

How do we heal those 9 big needs, that if they were met, would improve your life by huge leaps?

Well, it’s a bit counterintuitive. 

This healing is NOT actually about how to get what you THINK you need.

Because unless you are already fully Aligned and coherent with the flow of health and wealth and wisdom and blessings…

What you think you need may be mis-aligned, unbeknownst to you. 

Over-focusing on getting your needs met can become a blockage or a distortion. This happens to everyone sometimes – we think we need something, we grasp onto it, and follow it, and it can pull us down into a negative space of “I’m not getting my needs met” or “I lack this thing, I need this thing, it’s still missing, why am I not getting it…” 

But if instead of focusing so much on the need and the lack, we expanded our focus to a larger context, of how the need is already connected to the larger field of Wholeness, if we put it in the context of the bigger picture, that need will naturally start to resonate with the Wholeness that is everywhere… 

And that’s what’s already happening to those nine needs that you listed. It’s starting to happen… Now. Simply because you’re noticing that your needs exist inside the larger field of Wholeness, Wholeness starts to flow in, and those needs are starting to resonate with Wholeness, and tune themselves up to Wholeness, they are Aligning with Wholeness… Now. Say Now with me, to activate that… It’s all Aligning… Now! And breathe in that sense of “Now” into your Center… it’s happening… Now. [BREATH]

Allow that lots of things are shifting and Aligning, you don’t need to try to track them or feel them or feel any particular emotions or think positive or believe – you don’t need to do anything except notice Alignment with Wholeness, just even a little bit. It’s happening… Now.

So see how this is NOT about “manifesting” what you need with the Law of Attraction.

Nor is this about trying to “let go” of your needs. That’s hard to do if you’re in pain or fear or in a feedback loop of neediness. 

This is much more basic and fundamental than either manifesting or letting go.

This is really the missing piece. It’s about expanding your awareness of your needs into the larger context of Wholeness. It’s about noticing that your needs AND Wholeness both exist at the same time. It’s about the multi-dimensional yin-yang spiral of having needs but still, simultaneously being Whole even while you have needs that are unmet, and noticing your true needs being met and then having more needs and then perceiving more Wholeness and so on, through time & space, matter & mind, energy & spirit, and that spiral and flow of your needs towards Wholeness is already happening… Now. Breathe that in.

By now, those nine different needs that you listed at the beginning are flowing and healing and expanding to Wholeness. They’re already transforming into their highest expression. You may have a hard time even recalling what you thought you needed, those needs may feel very different already. Or they may not. Just allow them to expand to Wholeness, in whatever way.

The takeaway here is that what you think you need is often a misdirection…

…to a spiral of more neediness, if it does not include the awareness of Wholeness. So if you feel needy or desperate or that something is lacking, or wrong, and we all do sometimes, I want you to be able to quickly find the escape hatch from the downward cycle of needing and lacking.

To be healthy, wealthy, wise, inspired, loving, and fulfilled in life…

The easiest thing you really “need” to do is notice that Wholeness also exists. 

 Then you can easily do a Now Healing command like “Align my needs with Wholeness… Now.” Command that with me: “Align my needs with Wholeness… Now” and breathe that in to your Center.

That way, you can not only “get your needs met”, you can be in higher Alignment on ALL levels. 

And that’s what the whole point of Now Healing is...

… this healing method that teaches you instant connection to healing and Wholeness, for anything under the sun. That is my purpose – to connect you to your connection to Wholeness, the easiest fastest way possible

And here are two easy ways that Now Healing has for you to learn more…

… and to effectively activate that connection.

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So Please check out two links in the description:

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Let’s do one last closing energy shift…

… as a reward for you sticking around to the end – and of course, there were healing energies happening silently and beyond your local awareness, the whole time, to Align you, but now let’s do it with your local awareness and your conscious intention – say these Alignment commands with me and notice what is shifting – here we go:

I Align my perceived needs with their highest expressions and highest outcomes… Now. And breathe that into your Center… Now.

Say the next one with me: 

I Align my health, wealth, wisdom, inspiration, love, and fulfillment, with Wholeness… Now. And breathe that in to really activate it… Now.

And know that shifts are rippling out into all of reality, into Wholeness… Now.

So in these Now Healing videos, I often give you a tangible instant shift that you can feel the results of right away – and you might feel it for all these shifts. 

But these shifts we just did will continue to unfold, so you may feel them even more in a few hours or tomorrow morning or in a few days. 

And that’s just a tiny sample of what’s possible – so if you want more, please join my Guided Healing Membership, or at the very least sign up for the free Healing List – the links are in the description. 

Thank you for healing with me – this is Elma, with Love and Wholeness, signing off, for now.

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  1. alison on July 2, 2021 at 7:01 pm

    Elma, i am familiar with you, via your offerings, at least! would be so happy to share a meal!

    and have been a part of your group, but had to suspend that, in the midst of recent setbacks.
    I love what you do. I bless you with all Grace for the breadth of your work. initially, I felt overwhelmed !
    by the thought of nine issues, but they quickly arose, one by one,
    as if they were bubbles — already, naturally prepared!

    I had such an inflowing vision at the end of this, – this is key. for me— of a riverine place
    from my childhood, a visited river. ( i always thought it was a lake)
    Yellow lilies, as if stroked with grass fed butter, gleaming,
    the beautiful green pads, utterly filling the visual field. ( i would have been in a canoe or a rowboat. )

    Pretty sure it was a heavenly portal for me, before any such concepts existed.

    and I know it holds many keys to healing, not only for me, but for my family, esp. my sister and father, and his uncle… it just flooded in, at the end, as if it wanted me to see it clearly. I am a visual artist and a writer, so this visual “speaks” to me. Thank you so much, Elma, for holding true!

  2. Heather on June 28, 2021 at 5:14 pm

    I loved this! I yawned throughout, which tells me that my energy was shifting! And, I kept seeing a beautiful rose fully bloomed when I aligned my needs with Wholeness. It was beautiful! ♥️ And, I felt the shift; I actually whooped out loud! Made my dogs jump! Haha! I love these practical tools, & I love being a subscription member! I never know how things are going to shift, and that’s part of the fun! 🦋

  3. Claudette Charlebois on June 28, 2021 at 7:47 am


  4. Carla van Raay on June 27, 2021 at 5:53 pm

    Thank you, Elma, you’re so beautiful. I am a subscription member and love the healings. What you teach compliments the message of Esther Hicks and the teachings of A Course in Miracles, as far as I can see, but what you teach and do is so immediately practical!

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