What’s the Best Manifesting Technique?

What’s the single most important thing that will increase your…

  • ability to manifest?
  • intuition?
  • healing power?

It’s essential to have it, if you want to easily and effectively…

  • manifest your goals
  • receive instant intuition that’s accurate and true, about any issue
  • heal your drama, trauma, anxiety, stress and fear
  • heal your physical pain and illness
  • heal your relationships, finances and any area of life
  • heal others

What is this miraculous quality?

  • It’s not psychic ability.
  • It’s not spiritual enlightenment, or an old soul.
  • It’s not any kind of special talent or power.
  • It’s not positive thinking, or positive emotions.

It’s simply…  Neutrality.

Huh? How can neutrality be powerful?
And how do you actually get neutral?
How do you use neutrality, to create transformation?

It’s easy!
Want to experience neutrality right now?

Your Free Alignment – Energy Shift

1. Choose 1 thing you want to manifest in the next few days.
Keep it simple, do-able and measurable, for now – don’t start with
the five million dollars, the Ferrari, or the PhD in Physics just yet!

2. Now, let’s do two Now Healing Alignments:
Just say these two commands while placing your attention on your vertical Center:

  • Align with neutrality on all levels… Now.”
  • Align with the thing I want to manifest… Now.

There, that’s it!

You are now neutral and Aligned
which is the most powerful and effective place to be, to manifest anything.

You may notice that you have less emotional charge around your issue.
A sense of open-ended possibility.

In a few hours, or tomorrow, tune in to your issue again.
If it feels “not congruent,” repeat the Free Alignment, to get Neutral again.

Notice the amazing changes that happen, when you’re Neutral!

The Best Manifesting Technique…

is not a technique at all – it’s a state of being: neutrality and non-attachment!

And that state of being does not take effort or will-power.
You can access it, in a matter of seconds, with a simple Now Healing Alignment.

Ready to go deeper?

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