Your Miraculous Healing Power

Your Miraculous Healing Power to Heal Anything… in Seven Simple Steps (2 minutes) Free Alignment – See the 2-minute Process Below (Do me a favor and please comment on this brand new Alignment! What did you experience?) What is this Seven-Step Process? It’s fast and easy proof that you already have miraculous healing power! The process…

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Heal Ancestral Trauma

Heal Ancestral Trauma

We ALL resonate with Ancestral Trauma – even if we are not aware of it. These hidden resonances may cause all kinds of strange shenanigans in your life! So, it’s best to sort it out! Try this 30-second Free Alignment Morphic Healing*… Heal Ancestral Trauma. You will instantly shift your morphic resonance… to heal ancestral…

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What do you need to heal most?


Your Free Alignment is below… The actual healing itself will only take 30 seconds, and reading this little preamble will take just a minute or two.  I’m sensing that you might need to heal or improve something today – so here’s a healing for you.  A healing for… what? Whatever you need to heal most!…

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Instant Healing Experience: Awareness Expansion

Watch Now – Free Alignment Healing Video: Instant Healing Experience & Awareness Expansion   What Kind of Instant Healing did you Experience? Please Comment Below! Transcript In this video, you are about to get an actual instant experience of healing, in the form of a simple cosmic reminder about your Awareness. I’m Elma Mayer, founder…

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Manifesting & Law of Attraction – Your Questions Answered

In this healing video, Manifesting & Law of Attraction: Your questions about Manifesting & Law of Attraction – answered! I share my personal story of manifesting big bucks. Why you don’t need to “Believe” How to use Affirmations much more effectively And tons more. Then… I’ll tell you about my NEW way to manifest your…

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Why we Love Alignment – Free Healing to Feel Good Now

Free Healing to Feel Good - Now Healing with Elma Mayer

Scroll Down for your Free Alignment (in purple) Why do we love Alignment so much?  Our minds and senses love Alignment. We feel good when things are lined up on all levels. We sense Alignment as beautiful, balanced, orderly, and “just right.” Why do we resonate with Alignment – on all levels? Because Alignment loves…

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Align your Personality to “Attract” Health

Do this fast, Free Healing below… Then there’s more! (Scroll down.) How do you “Attract Health”? Or repel it? It’s not what you think! It’s not your beliefs… or your lifestyle… or your DNA… or your immune system. It’s about the entirety of who you really ARE. And it’s NOT really about “Attracting” at all……

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Instant Blessing from the Universe

Instant Blessings from the Universe - Now Healing with Elma Mayer

Get a Fast Healing – an Instant Blessing What kind of “instant blessing” do you most need, right now? (Whatever you think it is… the “universe” will give you a blessing far beyond that. Beyond your local mind’s ability to put into words, and your body’s ability to sense with your “normal” senses. It will…

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Do you need Psychic Protection?

Do you need Psychic Protection? Free Healing Video with Elma Mayer / Now Healing

Free Alignment – Video Below In this video, you’ll get a free healing for “Psychic Protection”… and: The first step you need to take. How to avoid the Big Mistake many people make in “Psychic Protection” Free Healing process – you’ll be able to do it yourself. How to go deeper, with the next steps.…

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How to Deal with Problems – Free Instant Healing in 60 Seconds

Free Instant Healing in 60 Seconds

Your Free Alignment to deal with “problems”: What “problem” do you want to heal… right this minute?  Here’s how to deal with problems, without actually dealing with them at all: Try it now – do the easy process in the image below.   Aaaah, nice way to use your Awareness to create Alignment with Wholeness and…

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How to Raise your Vibration: Don’t!

How to Raise your Vibration - Don't! By Elma Mayer / Now Healing

Three Things… Why “Raise your Vibration” is an outdated concept and a bad metaphor. What to do instead… with a much better metaphor that actually creates healing. And… Get a Free Alignment Healing… for whatever you need most! (Watch the video below.) Watch the Video to get your Free Alignment Healing… and my rant about…

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How to Balance your Energy – in 10 Seconds

Top 10 Tools to Balance your Energy - with Elma Mayer / Now Healing

Scroll down for your written Free Alignment, and to: 1. Try it now! Balance your Energy with this free tool.2. Discover how to get nine more healing tools! So many wonderful ways to “Balance your Energy” are widely available these days: Reiki, Pranic Healing, meditation, sound healing, yoga, tai qi, breath-work, essential oils, stones &…

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Free Healing for Inner Peace

Try this 30-second Free Alignment Healing for Inner Peace  Do this fast process to activate an Instant Healing for Inner Peace. How? Follow the simple instruction in the picture below. Why? Because your WHOLE life (your health, wealth, time, space, relationships, higher purpose, etc) will flow with much more ease and power, when you are…

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Gratitude Activation

Gratitude Activation Gift from Elma Mayer - Now Healign

A Free Alignment Healing: Gratitude Activation with the Now Healing Flower of Life Alignment   Follow the simple instructions below, and you’ll experience a Gratitude Activation Instant Healing Free Alignment. You can even download the healing image below. (Right-click, “save as”.) Print and put it up on your fridge, so you remember to do this…

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Heal your Relationship to Health – in 30 Seconds

Free Healing- Heal your Relationship to HEALTH - Now Healing with Elma Mayer

Free Alignment Healing: See the pic below toHeal your Relationship to HEALTH… Now! Or… maybe you don’t have time to take 30 seconds to heal yourself. Maybe add it to your “I’ll do it later” list and then forget about it… so you miss this chance to heal. HA! See what I’m doing here? I’m…

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Instant Emotional Healing

Let’s heal your emotions, right now! Because they affect everything in your life: Health. Money. Relationships. Productivity. Everything! The healing video below is a unique way to heal your turbulent, painful, or unwanted emotions. Anger, anxiety, worry, depression, shame, blame, guilt, schmilt, you name it… Watch this Instant Healing Video that I made while in Yosemite…

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Free Healing Picture

Free Healing Picture -Elma Mayer-Now Healing

A Space of Instant Wholeness Free Alignment in a Healing Picture Add your comment below! This Free Healing Picture is “A Space of Instant Wholeness”. Each point on the picture represents a Bit of you, Aligning with Wholeness… Now! To activate the healing: look at the Central Point on the picture for no more than 30 seconds, and…

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Are you “Negative” about “Being Negative?

It’s time to stop feeling  bad about feeling bad! But how??? Try the Free Alignment below – a 10-second Instant Healing. It will change your life! Especially if you… Beat yourself up when you catch yourself “being negative”. Judge yourself for judging others. Feel bad about your body (even a little bit). Get upset when you…

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Create Your Future – in 15 Seconds

It’s not too late to create your future! So… let’s do it right now. In about 15 seconds. Please note that this Free Alignment is NOT about… Manifesting or Attraction! That’s not the only way to create your future. You’ll do this WITHOUT trying to: manifest your materialistic motives micro-manage your mañanas manipulate the macro-cosmos…

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Get Unstuck… NOW! Free Instant Healing Video

Get Unstuck Healing

Get Unstuck… NOW! Where would you like to Get Unstuck in your life? Your Health? Energy? Mood? Thoughts? Beliefs? Money? Job? New Home? Relationships? Habits? Whatever it is, you’ll get it unstuck, as you watch the video. Your Free Alignment instant-healing is in the Video. Watch now… After you watch, please comment below… What shifted for you?…

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Clear Negative Energy in 5 Minutes

Clear Negative Energy

Got Hidden Psychic Resonance? Watch & Get the Free Alignment to Clear Negative Energy… Now!   Please Comment Below! What shifted for you, as you watched? Want subtitles? Click “CC”   In this instant healing video, I will guide you to quickly Clear Negative Energy – for your specific needs. Whether it comes from… The…

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How to Align with Abundance – Instantly

Align with Abundance - Elma Mayer with Now Healing

Fast, Free Healing Video – Watch Now Align with Abundance – Instantly – to Manifest Money… Now.   Please Comment Below! Scroll down, and tell us what shifted for you! Want to go Deeper? There are at least 14 hours of healing on Abundance… and 90+ hours of healing on many other topics (health, energy,…

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Self-Esteem – Free Instant Healing Alignment

Build Self-Esteem in 7 Minutes - Now Healing with Elma Mayer

Build Confidence & Self Esteem Instantly… Watch Now!   Please Comment Below… What shifted for you?   Please Comment Below! Did your Self Esteem “number” change?How do you feel now, about your ability to improve your issue quickly and easily?   Do you struggle with these two conflicting intentions? They seem like opposites – but…

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