Auras, Chakras, BioFields: What if Everything You Know is Wrong? [VIDEO]

De-Clutter your Assumptions about Auras, Chakras, BioFields.

Let go of what what these energy fields are “supposed” to look like, what they signify, and what emotions are associated with them. Much of the information about auras, chakras, etc… that you find online, or even in courses by experts, is not a hard fact!

Watch the video to discover 3 essentials for how to read auras, chakras, and the bio-field – and how NOT to do it!

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Did you experience the instant Centering?

How do you usually experience auras, chakras, biofields – and does this Centering process change anything?

What are your Questions about Auras, Chakras, etc?

Here are some FAQ and answers. (Post your questions below.)

What do aura colors mean?

The meanings of aura colors are subject to a large variety of interpretations, many of them dubious! So asking “What do my aura colors mean” is not a very useful question, at least for the purpose of healing. A much better question, for healing, is “Do these aura colors indicate energetic excess or deficiency, or a distortion, disconnect, or blockage?” If yes, there’s no need to try to spin a story of its significance. Instead, simply do a healing on it: Align the energetic disconnects with Wholeness, using the Now Healing Align technique.

How do I heal my chakras?

Most standard chakra healing methods are indirect: visualize or meditate on a color, or use a specific crystal, or mantra. But if your chakras actually do need healing, it’s much more effective to shift their energy directly – using instant-energetic Alignment with the larger field of Healing and Wholeness. Even more importantly, why do you want to heal your chakras? Don’t assume that chakra healing is always the first thing to do, in energy healing. Instead, use the Now Healing scan technique to determine where your energy is most disconnected.

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Please note – in this video:

I’m not trying to replace the collective knowledge about energy fields with my own opinion. My goal here is to de-clutter and clean out the noise and gunk that has accumulated in this field. I’m not saying it’s all wrong.

I just want to make sure that you’re not unwittingly resonating with old outdated notions, or faulty metaphors, or some sh*t that some so-called expert made up from their unbalanced ego, or even a well-meaning expert that sees auras or chakras in their own individual way that is accurate for their sense perceptions, but that you don’t have to take on as gospel.

In my personal experience as a healer and teacher of morphic healing, I have never seen auras or chakras the way that they are described in most systems (like Barbara Brennan or Cyndi Dale, or other experts in energy anatomy). I don’t see those colors or those shapes, I sense them completely differently. And yet I have a pretty darn good track record of healing and clearing bio-fields and morphic fields.

If I had bought into what I was supposed to see, rather than what I actually saw and sensed, then I would probably doubt myself way more, and I might have been derailed or less able to do my part to expand the field of healing.

For example, I have a really fast instant shift that you can try: Clean Up Your Energy Field (but remember to come back here and watch the video above!)

What will happen as you watch the video?
You will:

1) Experience an instant-energy-healing shift, into the “space” that’s required for accurate readings;

2) Discover why much of what you may have learned about interpreting the health of these energy fields through clairvoyance, clairsentience, psychic reading techniques, the “correct” colors of the aura and specific emotions associated with the chakras, and even technologies like Kirlian photography and biofield viewers, etc… much of how that information is interpreted is not actually a hard fact, and it may not actually be accurate for YOUR particular way of sensing and perceiving these energy fields; and

3) Learn the solution – in two simple steps.

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  1. Elma Mayer on March 4, 2020 at 10:39 am

    @Marcia, yes! “Walk around in Alignment!” And also walk around in Alignment with being ok if you don’t always feel in Alignment, and use that as a reminder to Align!

  2. Marcia on March 4, 2020 at 10:34 am

    I love the reminder that I should look to my own wisdom and discernment first. This applies to so much info on the internet & I can save so much time. The alignment makes me feel “right.”
    As always, thank you for the support in doing an alignment NOW. Do you recommend that we try to walk around in our daily lives in alignment as much as possible?

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