How to Detox in 3 Seconds – with the Disentangle Command

How to Detox in 3 Seconds? Activate the Now Healing Disentangle Command

Almost everyone who tries out the powerful Now Healing Disentangle Command senses an immediate shift. Try it now – and discover how to detox super-fast, with this instant energetic activation.

Here’s how:

How to Detox in 3 Seconds with Now Healing Disentangle Command
  1. Tune into one thing that you don’t want, or that makes you feel bad, that you think needs detoxing. (Do this as fast as you can – in less than 7 seconds.)
  2. Come from your Center, and command “Disentangle from that… Now!” Breathe that in to your Center.
  3. Notice the shift, as you connect to Wholeness! Notice how the energy of that unwanted thing is now farther away from your immediate field.

That’s it! You just did an Energetic Detox! (OK, so maybe that process took longer than 3 seconds. Like 20 seconds? But Step 2. by itself only takes 3 seconds.)

Ready for More? Try this 5-minute Free Healing – and get even more Energetic Detox:

In this video, you’ll discover how to detox body, mind, spirit & bio-field, with instant energy healing.

What shifted for you? Please Comment Below!

Can You Use “Detox!” as a Command, instead of Disentangle? Yes!

You can use “Detox!” as a Now Healing Command, as shown in the Free Energetic Detox Video. But here’s what’s really happening when you do that: the Disentangle command is encoded into the “Detox” command. So as you follow along with the video, you are asked to say “Detox” – which includes a big huge silent Disentangle!

Feel free to use “Detox” as a Now Healing Command. But… be aware that not every situation actually needs detoxing. For instance, if you have a sore throat, using the “Detox” command will likely help. However, it’s just as likely that there are additional resonances and entanglements that are not physical or emotional “toxins.”

What kinds of entanglements are “non-toxic” but yet cause distortion? Patterns. Habits. Standing waves. Time triggers. While you could define something as a “time toxin,” it’s clearer and plainer to simply treat it as a situation to be Disentangled. So when in doubt, use Disentangle. Or better yet, play with both, and allow your Aligned inner knowing to guide you. 

The Fastest and Easiest Way to use Disentangle

The Disentangle Command is an all-purpose transformation that instantly stops unwanted resonance.

For instance, if you are are feeling crappy in general (stiff and sore and out of sorts) you could take the long route: search for the specific brain triggers, pinpoint the root cause, dig for the beliefs around it, or seek the origins in childhood trauma or past life karma. That can work, but it’s a lot more work.

So instead…  use the Now Healing Disentangle command, without trying to pinpoint what is being Disentangled.

Here’s how: Zoom out to the big picture, and notice that the bad feeling is a field of resonance – and simply remove yourself from that field (in about 3 seconds) by commanding “Disentangle from this yucky feeling… now.”

Allow it. You will observe a sense of separation from the old state.

Why is the Disentangle Command is So Powerful?

Because it’s a “top-down” program that begins in the largest fields of influence, and separates all inappropriately-entangled fields. Then it continues from the general to the specific, following any energetic disconnects and distortions, down, down, down, all the way to the zero point field.

And because it works at the speed of light, it triggers trillions of transformations each time you use it.

In other words, the Disentangle Command, when used in a top-down big-picture manner, expressly avoids the specifics of the issue… so that when you are working on healing yourself, you don’t inadvertently amplify your resonance with the unwanted state (by focusing on finding the problem, and analyzing what are all the problems with the problem that cause the problem to be a problem).

Instead, you step out of the unwanted state, and you stop resonating with it because you have distanced yourself from its field of influence – or more precisely, Disentangled from all its local and non-local entanglements.


Did you Try this FREE “Detox”?

Even if you’ve done this video before, you will get a Different, Deeper Detox each time.

Go for it… Watch the Detox Video Here.

Try it both ways — say “Detox!” (like in the video) and then try saying “Disentangle… now” — and observe the subtle difference. They both work wonders.

For even more healing… use these powerful commands on your own, without the video – and use them daily, to keep yourself clean, clear and tuned up.

Let me know how it goes! Please comment below…

Love and Wholeness,

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Energetic Detox - Now Healing with Elma Mayer

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  1. Jorge Eduardo on December 21, 2023 at 12:15 pm

    I have been using the Disentangle command to remove body pain. Shoulder pain, back pain and even once a toothache and each time the pain disappeared as if by miracle within seconds.

    Thank you Elma for teaching this healing technique that is simple to use and cures our pain in seconds.

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