How to Get Healthy?
The 7 Essentials to Align with HEALTH

These 7 Essentials are NOT the usual ways to “get healthy”

NOTE: Most healing and self-help modalities completely overlook this direct path to get healthy: Aligning with Health. But it’s often the key to everything.

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What you “Should” Do, to Get Healthy

You know what you “Should” be doing, to get healthy.

You’ve got at least 7 major MUST-DOs, right? (I certainly do!)

Must improve diet, exercise, thoughts, sleep, detox, meditation, neurology! Or else!

BUT… those 7 urgent “Musts” and “Shoulds” are NOT the true Essentials of Health.

They’re 2nd order effects, not causes. They are side effects of health.

What are the true Essentials? What do the experts say? It turns out, about a million different things!

You’ve researched what to do. You’re inspired to get healthy. And you’ve decided to take action.

Some of your decisions are rational. Some are intuitive. Some are irrational – and hey, that’s normal, we all do that!

We all get influenced by both rational and irrational health fads, or articles we’ve read in the Lancet or Prevention Magazine or Goop, energy healing techniques that worked for our friends so they will surely work for us, and doctors that give us well-meaning advice (or fear-based advice, or big-pharma-influenced advice, or outdated advice based on 30-year old studies they learned back in med school in the last millenium, OK, don’t get me started on doctors, I looooove doctors!!!).

Because… All those “Shoulds” that we vow to tackle are actually indicators of the real issue:

The real issue is: How Aligned are we, with HEALTH itself?

When we vow to take a stab at getting healthy: eat clean, practice sleep hygiene, do that qi-gong course, do vagus nerve exercises, remediate that little moldy spot in the basement we’ve been ignoring, and fer gosh sakes, stop being so judgmental and be more loving, you old meanie you!!! (Note: by “you,” I mean me!)…

… the amount of effort we expend – and the degree of effectiveness of our efforts – gives us some really useful information.

If doing all those “shoulds” is easy… then we are already Aligned with Health. YAY! In that case, all we really “must” do is stay aware of the ebbs and flows of that Alignment (it’s a wave, not a line!)… and tune ourselves up regularly.

But if they’re a struggle or feel impossible, then that’s a huge hint: we are mis-Aligned.

*** Because when we’re out-of-tune with the Healing Field, then no matter WHAT we try, health feels out-of-reach, or like an overwhelming struggle

So if you habitually wrestle with your “Shoulds” and “To-Dos”… and if you make them the focus of your health efforts, they will misdirect & block you! (Because you tend to get what you focus on.)

OK, so what’s the answer?

What’s the Direct Path to Get Healthy?

It’s not physical. It’s not psychological. It’s not a spiritual belief system.

It’s more fundamental: it’s a simple matter of coherence and resonance. It’s like an energetic switch that needs to be in the “ON” position: Aligned with HEALTH (with a capital H. Yep, I’m talking about the larger field of Higher Health on ALL levels. I’ve talked about that elsewhere in other posts and videos – and I’ll tell you more about it in my 7-part process below.)

If your connection to Health is turned ON, then everything you’re doing to get healthy – whether it’s physical, psychological, or spiritual – will start to work, to flow, to bear fruit.

But if it’s OFF, then no matter how much exercise, therapy, energy healing, meditation, or medication you do, it will be a struggle to get healthy.

A Quick Aside – My Story:

I’ve experienced this, again and again in my life: being turned OFF to Health without realizing it. After I got walloped by Lyme, I tried “everything” – from acupuncture to zithromax. And no matter what I tried, there was very little improvement. For years!

The thing that finally made the difference was when I learned to flip my “healing switch” to ON. That instant energetic connection & ALIGNMENT with the Healing Field finally allowed all the other stuff I was doing to start working. So for about 12 years, I felt 95% better from Lyme.

Then I got stung by a sting-ray and got walloped again: I got “Floxxed” from the antibiotic Levaquin (don’t ever take that sh*t!!!). After that, my “On” switch was a bit wobbly and occasionally slipped “Off!” So I had to become more aware of checking, turning it on, and re-tuning myself with a consistent practice.

I learned that Health is not static! (yeah, no duuuuh!) You have to stay aware of your resonance with Higher Health, and keep course-correcting and re-Aligning with the flow – because that’s just the flow of Life. Keep Aligning, re-tuning, and flowing!

So that’s why I created the Guided Healing process below, woven out of everything I’ve learned about staying in the flow… to make it easy and clear and supportive for YOU… to give you a consistent way of re-balancing, re-tuning, course-correcting, and re-Centering in your flow of Life and Higher Health!

The Direct Path to Healing is Not Necessarily a Straight Line.

It’s a Wave, a Flow, a Spiral. Actually, it’s many waves, many frequencies and harmonics.

It’s paradoxically both simple, and infinitely deep and wide.
Both an instant flip of an energetic switch, and a wave pattern of on-going flows toward Wholeness.

Wanna give it a spin? Join me!

I’ve prepared a powerful 7-step process of Guided Healing:

Align with Health: The 7 Essentials

What are the 7 Essentials of Health? They are… All 7 of your main life areas (see below)… being in Alignment with Higher Health.

And for the next 7 months & beyond… I will re-tune them for you.


A 7-part series of Guided Healing Calls (Each call has 60 minutes of Healing, plus 30 minutes of Q&A)


Everywhere! You can stream online, or call in by phone or skype.

When [NOTE – If you missed the live dates, no worries! Replays are available]:

September 4, 2021: Align with Health – Part 1 – BODY. Is your whole body, and all its parts, structures, functions, Aligned with the morphic field of Health – for your WHOLE Life? We will scan and Align it all! Plus, bring your body issue and we will Align that too.

October 2: Align with Health – Part 2 – MIND & EMOTIONS. Do your thoughts, beliefs, self-talk, traumatic memories, feelings & moods allow you to be fully Aligned with health – in all areas of life?

November 6: Align with Health – Part 3 – ENERGY SYSTEMS, AURA, CHAKRAS, MERIDIANS. Is your bio-field healthy? Aligned with the highest expression of health – for all parts of your life?

December 4: Align with Health – Part 4 – SPIRIT, SOUL, SELF. Is your Infinite Self grounded into your body, for higher awareness and true health & wealth?

January 1, 2022: Align with Health – Part 5 – WEALTH, SUCCESS, MONEY, FINANCES, ABUNDANCE. How healthy is your wealth? Do you have a wealth of health, energy, enjoyment, fulfillment?

February 5, 2022: Align with Health – Part 6 – RELATIONSHIPS, FAMILY, ANCESTORS. The health of your relationships supports your health on all levels: body, mind, money, love, romance, creativity & the future.

March 5, 2022: Align with Health – Part 7 – SPACE & FENG SHUI. The health of your space affects the health of every aspect of your life. Align your space with health, to improve… everything!


Yes! If you can’t attend the live call, no worries. All the healing energies are encoded into the Replays, and they will apply to you specifically.

Join Here:

Align with Health on ALL Levels

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