Heart Healing: What’s Most Vital – Physical, Energetic, or Spiritual?

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Heart healing & health is a huge topic.  Where to start?

Let’s break through the conflicting information about what’s most important for healing the heart… and let’s integrate it, now!

Q: Which of these is most important for heart health?

  1. Physical health, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, healthy fats
  2. Lifestyle, diet, exercise, stress, emotions and thoughts
  3. The energetic heart, the heart field, the heart chakra
  4. The spiritual heart, love, compassion, forgiveness

A: It depends on whom you ask.

A few medical practitioners still cling to the cliche of the 20th century: the heart is just a mechanical pump, and anything else is mere fluff that doesn’t matter because it isn’t matter.

Slightly more enlightened doctors will focus primarily on the physical, with an occasional nod to lifestyle, meditation or yoga. They often concede that emotions and stress play a role in heart health. But they don’t consider emotions to be attributes of the heart – instead, emotions are reduced to biochemical activity. Love is important, primarily because people who have it tend to have healthier hearts.

But even so-called holistic, alternative doctors hardly acknowledge the energetic heart, except as a way to detect purely physical abnormalities, by measuring electrical activity to determine heart-rate, blood flow, or inflammation. At best, a very few practitioners are up-to-date on new research about the energy field of the heart – but they usually don’t know how to incorporate that knowledge into their health practice.

Evolved conscious healers, on the other hand, give more credence to the energetics of the heart, and its field. But many of us still unconsciously hold on to the duality of the separation of matter and energy – as if the heart is either energetic or material.

Many energy healers focus mostly  on the “energetic” (which is often conflated with “spiritual”) – for instance, heart archetypes like love, compassion, and forgiveness; meditation; chakra balancing; “coming from the heart;” dropping into the heart-space. The physical heart, for instance, diet, exercise, or blood toxins that are measurable through live blood analysis, gets occasional attention, but it is often left to the medical field.

Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and other “non-western” traditional medicines have a more integral approach to the matter vs. energy duality. But generally, at least in America, enlightened heart health tends to keep the energetic separate from the material.

If you ask me “What’s most important for Heart Healing,” I’ll say “All of the above, and that’s a silly question, besides!” (Never mind that it was my own straw man doing the asking!)

Obviously, we must take both matter and energy into account, as a yin-yang pair, (rather than just giving lip-service to holism when one extreme or the other doesn’t give results). But it’s not just about transcending the matter and energy duality – we also have to include field dynamics, resonance, and of course, the spiritual realm.

For true heart health, it’s not enough to be merely material, exclusively energetic, or solely spiritual. The heart resonates on many levels – biochemical, structural, electrical, magnetic, bio-energetic, spiritual and morphic – and they all need to be Aligned.

Now Healing offers a holistic, integrated solution…

where holism is not just “lifestyle” sprinkled on top of medicine or meditation.

Listen to this Guided Healing:
The Heart (Physical, Energetic & Spiritual)

Get energetic maintenance for this most vital of all organs. We will

  • Align your cardiovascular system, the heart muscle, blood pressure,
    circulation, heart rate, heart-brain interaction, etc.
  • Align your “emotional” heart.
  • Align with love, compassion, forgiveness.
  • Do a healing for heartache and heartbreak.
  • Align the energetic heart: the heart-field, and heart space.
  • Align the resonant heart, the spiritual heart, and the sacred heart.

Bring your individual heart issue – and we will Align it, as you listen.

How to Listen?

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